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[V 23.7 Geoscape] Base attack mission


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The base attack mission begins on the 54th day at exactly 07:50. Regardless of user actions. The message says that the destroyer reached the base, but there were no UFOs on the radar. Thus, the user does not have the opportunity to engage in battle with the UFO with his fighters and prevent the attack of the base.

If the user presses the esc key, the message about the base attack disappears and the game freezes (it is impossible to start the timer)

Base Attack.jpg


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I think the base attack is intentional. It says a destroyer ufo breached the base, but it is just placeholder text for a cleaner base attack. I think they were experimenting with a mission where the cleaners assault the Xenonaut base with no way of countering them. Although esc out of the text might be a bug though. 

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