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A couple of days ago I updated the game using Desura.

The game launches fine, I can manage the base and use the geoscape.

The problem is that I can't engage ground battles without CTD.

I can't play the game! It wasn't happening before the update.

When the chinook reaches the downed UFO, I get the ground battle loading screen, but as soon as the battle starts I CTD.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I want to download the new version from somewhere else instead of Desura.


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Are you trying to play a game from a previous savegame? Because if you are, forget it, wipe your savegames and start fresh. Savegames from previous versions break. And there's no chance that you'll be able to get v12.11 from anywhere except Desura (either via client or not via client). No-one else alphafunds games.

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