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Any verdict on when linux version will be in Desura?

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Eager to put down money on this one, but curious if there's an expected date for the linux alpha to be available in Desura?

Or is the linux version scheduled for post-Alpha, when everything else is basically done?


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You should look into how the wine wrapper works for you with the kickstarter demo I think. (I don't have any experience with either linux or wine)

As far as I understand it there will be no native port to Linux (but its possible I have misunderstood that part) but there will be some work done to make it work with the wrapper as good as they can...

Try searching the forums for wine or linux or wrapper. maybe you can make sense of the threads that show up. I can't :P

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Ah. From the kickstarter page, it made it sound like there'd be native mac and linux versions.

The public demo works okay with Wine as far as I've played it.

From Xenonauts kickstarter FAQ:

As explained in Update #5, Xenonauts currently only works in Windows but there has been enough interest in porting the game that it will recieve both a Mac and Linux port for release.

The Mac port should work natively, but the Linux port will function through an in-built wrapper due to our engine (Playground SDK 5.0) not supporting Linux and us not having access to the engine source code.

We may be able to give access to the beta / development builds before release for Mac / Linux too, but we're not sure. It'll definitely be ready for release though.

In the meantime, Xenonauts apparently runs fine in WINE!

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