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[v18.2 - Ground Combat] Game crashes when grenade is thrown into a wall


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I was battling against those damned regenerating lizards and tried to make some shooting lines by destroying a wall using grenades but the game crashed several times.

I forgot to take a screenshot about the situation, but I think it is quite clear:
- The wall I tried to blow up is the one behind which the only visible Sebilian is.
- Soldiers doing the throwing are the two closest to the enemy

I hope you can reproduce this using the save file.




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Although 18.2 is not the current version of the game, but the bug with the crash after the explosion is still present. Unfortunately, I can't generate the exact conditions under which it occurs to describe it in detail and record a video.

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I have been wondering if I should select "Experimental / Unstable" from the Steam betas dropdown and start over, but I'd rather not... I cannot make a video, but would it help if I took screenshots of the situation where the game crashed most of the time? The crash doesn't happen every time, and the soldiers don't always throw where I wan't to, so this would be time consuming especially with the quite long loading times :/

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