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  1. I'm not developer, but I think it is intended behavior. Otherwise it would be too easy to deal with e.g UFOs by opening the big door and waiting the aliens to come out from the inner doors... Annoying yes, but understandable.
  2. I think all lasers should be beams, very accurate and have the damage reduction logic talked earlier. Maybe Laser MG just has the space to have more cooling and better battery so that it can fire more powerful beam and keep it on longer so that the soldier can sweep with it thus creating burst like area suppression effect?
  3. Not all field medkits are big in real life Maybe there could be two sizes available, one small one that can only e.g stop small bleeding and such, and another bigger one for the real medic that can also restore hitpoints and remove more serious status effects?
  4. Maybe dropships could select e.g between fuel tanks, additional slot for M.A.R.S or even minigun that could be used to clean the LZ?
  5. I like your idea of Xenonauts panicking and running towards dropship and the dropship taking off even before all the Xenonauts are back on board.
  6. Is it possible that the Wraith in the middle moved to window, saw your soldier and then the top one knew where to toss the grenade? Otherwise, leaking information through blast radius sounds interesting bug.
  7. Would be great to have occasional surprise grenades even when aliens have LOS.
  8. Yeah, original reapers of XCOM were really scary. I think boosting their intelligence would be more interesting than making them faster or less squishy. What is more scary than spotting one which vanishes behind corner and fetches some reinforcements, Alien style?
  9. Sorry for the late answer. I haven't played X2 in several weeks due to System Shock Remake taking my evenings, but as I remember I haven't changed anything. There has been some in-game keymapping changes though, so maybe mine isn't optimal anymore. Please share if you have found better settings.
  10. I played X1 some but never finished it. Currently I have played different versions of X2 over 80 hours, and it feels much better and more enjoyable than the first one. That is to say, I don't agree that X2 is 90% the same as X1 - it might look pretty much the same but gaming wise there is lot of changes.
  11. I would empty my pockets if X3: Apocalypse is announced... But let's first get this finished =D
  12. He already looks like Gaius Baltar, he could very well also act as Gaius Baltar. And maybe some Number 6 lookalike working on something in the background =D
  13. I have been using solely Steam Deck for several months and haven't found any Steam Deck related problems. Only thing needed for quite fluent (imho) play is customize the default Keyboard and Mouse layout e.g like this: Left trackpad: Numbers 1-9 (radial menu) L4/R4: Q and E keys (for rotating tactical map, making fighters roll) L5/R5: Ctrl and Space (target ground/wall and mark soldier done respectively) Y: Inventory (i key) B: R key X: Enter A: Crouch (c key) I think this custom mapping should be downloadable from Steam Deck community layouts, name is "Keyboard and Mouse for X2".
  14. Hello I'm also playing using Steam Deck and the gaming experience has been great using custom mapping layout. I think it should be visible in community mappings, but the changes I made to the default keyboard and mouse layout were these: Mouse scroll up/down using L1/R1 Left touchpad for numbers 1-9 L4/R4: Q and E L5/R5: Ctrl and Space Y: Inventory (i) A: Crouch (c) X: Enter B: R On thing missing for now is that I'd like to have F1-F4 keys somewhere, but otherwise works splendidly.
  15. Hello When construction of e.g Living Quarters or Workshops are finished on two bases at same time, the popup displays only the name of the second base. user_bug_living_quarters_message-3.json
  16. Friday evening and some time to test again. Found out that the duplication of missiles and torpedoes is NOT related to engineers/workshop but to the access lift or storage rooms instead. The save included has two bases, the second of which doesn't yet have workshop or storage room ready, but still received and extra sidewinder missile when it was produced on the main base. Also the torpedo being made will appear on the both bases after it is ready. Other items like Ablative Plating, Defender Armor or Stun Gun are not duplicated. I hope this helps. user_bug_hunting-2.json
  17. Hello Duplicating works also with normal missiles and torpedoes, so I can try to reproduce the bug with newest experimental version.
  18. Hello! I'm still playing old version but didn't find this reported before in the ten pages I searched. So the bug: If you have two bases that both have workshops (I had 4+1 workshops with max engineers) and manufacture alenium missiles or torpedoes on the first one while the engineers on the second base are idle, each manufactured item gets duplicated on the second base. I haven't had the time to check newest version yet, or if this bug affects also normal missiles and torpedoes. I'm playing with Steam Deck, so I don't have a save to give you, but I sort it out if needed.
  19. I pretty much agree with all of your feedback, especially these: Furthermore, it would be nice to get some more information about the defenses UFOs have, how they work and which cones are main weapons and/or rotating defense batteries. I'm still struggling with the torpedoes and do not understand why they sometimes blow up just after firing :/ I think the best place to give this kind of information would be after the air combat by the pilots that engaged the UFO. They could comment about how the UFO e.g shot down the missiles at certain range or seemed not to be affected at all by certain weapon when the situation is encountered first time. This information could then be added into the UFO description. Anyway Congrats to all people involved, you are doing great work!
  20. It was strange in X1 that you select soldiers using numbers 1-0 but use F1-F3 for aircrafts. Currently I play X2 using Steam Deck, so I'd prefer that you could select also aircrafts using 1-3 numbers like you can select soldiers.
  21. I use "tail ufo" regularly to get it over land before I shoot it down
  22. Good job! I have just started playing again beta/experimental version of Xenonauts 2, but this time using Steam Deck. Also, nice to see how difficulty setting has effect to different parts of the game.
  23. If you build medical bay, there is some 30% (?) percent change that dead soldier survives.
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