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Not responding on start of Xenonauts

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I have noticed that when I start Xenonauts:

Xenonauts does a lot of hard drive access, and very little CPU power, and the program becomes not responding.

While I can bring up the task manager, and see the task manager when the task manager is forced to always be on top, nothing I do can let me see or interact with any other programs until Xenonauts is done loading.

Xenonauts takes a very long time to load - a minute or three.

I suspect this problem is caused because Xenonauts is loading in the main thread. If Xenonauts spun off a separate thread to do the load, and the main thread continued looping through the windows message handler, the frozen problem should go away, and allow me to do other things while Xenonauts was loading in the background.

I am a windows programmer, so I can probably code this if no one else wants to.

This is bothering me quite a bit. Can this be fixed?

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