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Beta 16 MARS-Vehicle

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I have found a Bug with the Mars-Vehicle with the Standard-Steel-Plating and Heavy-Steel-Plating. In the Weapons-Room where you can change the Armor, Weapons etc. for your Soldiers and the MARS everything looks fine.

In the Ground Combat the Heavy-Steel-Plating have no effect (direct HP-Damages), while the MARS-Vehicle shows in the Ground-Combat the Heavy-Steel-Plating. If you use the Standard-Steel-Plating first the Armor and then the HP get down.

Pictures and Save will follow.









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Thanks. I'm not sure this is related to the heavy armour, as there seems to be a weird bug where sometimes the MARS will spawn with less than 100HP as soon as it is built. It's very strange and we'll take a look at it next week and see if we can figure out what's happening.

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