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Xenonauts-2 July Update!

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Let´s test us Betas the next update, there we will see what´s possible and not. And remember the Budget we spended and the Devs already brought in is limited. They bring in what they can as promised like Night-Missions, Special Operations, small Xenonaut Outposts.

And some Parts of the Game have to be redesigend for Stability, Playability and such. Some of that 2 or 3 Times (like the Ground Maps, the Airfights, UFO´s etc.) and promised things are comming in and get playable.

Don´t expect that such unnessecary things will come in again, which already get tested and canceld like the baublery for the MARS / ARES here.

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I've said that I'm not a fan of this combat robot stuff, but if the devs want to make some more variations to make this more than a robot soldier with better armour and bigger guns, i would suggest more options like so. If they totally unfocus on that it's fine, i don't focus on those robots anyway then, or maybe the modders can be inspired on this.

And for other new stuffs you mentioned, if Chris don't talk about them in this update, i don't see a single point for us to discuss such features here, we don't even sure that the devs are working on these new features rather than more important things like refitting the systems or debugging, it's useless to talk about features that Chris mentioned previously that it would be hard to implement, if the devs didn't wrote about them this month. Just when the Aug Update comes out and we would see if we can discuss such features you mentioned.

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