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Xenonauts 2: Base Mechanics


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If an alien invasion is a global campaign against humanity, then the sense of building small bases (to counter a global invasion) violates the logic of a global war. In the X-COM game, the purpose of the bases was to keep secrets from humanity itself (since the alien invasions were targeted actions, not a global war).

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I play UFO 2 ET since last Year and there the Devs integrated new Features too, which wasn´t possible until the first new XCOM came up.

There the secondary Landbases / later after Research mobile Bases are the extra Eyes for your Main-Base. That Secondary-Bases are still Expensive, but have very good Limiters. There you can build up following:

1. Radar and Radar-Upgrades

2. Workshops

3. Defense-Turrets

4. Hangars for Fighters (Helicopter, Pursuit Planes, Interceptors)

5. Power Station

That´s not the End yet, because the biggest Change to UFO 1 ET Standard / Gold is that you have Workshops for the Secondary-Bases now. We will see what the Refit from UFO 1 ET to Platinium will bring us in more Features and the DLC for UFO 2 ET. But more then such Outposts the Secondary Bases aren´t.

The Main-Work get done in your Main-Base [Research, Personal-Management, Development, Infantry-Missions and so on]. There you have your Personal [expect the needed Personal on the Secondary-Bases wich you don´t see] to get it working.



In all such Games of that Gerne you have to whatch for your Costs every Month, which means if you are in red Numbers 2 or 3 Monthes, you are Jobless. The Country-Founders alone won´t cover it with the Founding-Money and that with the double of the Standard-Income.

That´s why for secondary Bases less is more. Either we make such Limits in the Game like it´s done in UFO-ET-Row or we make them as small Outposts with Science-Hangars and Storages (like it´s doable in UFO:AI) where Engeneers and Scientists work together and 2 to 3 extra Hangars for Fighters with a small Defense and Radar- / Scanner.

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