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[V11.3 - Ground Combat] C2D Alien controlling Xenonaut


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  1. An alien is controlling one Xenonaut.
  2. Xenonaut under the control of the alien throws during "Alien turn" something (that looks like an C4) on the ground (although he doesn't have one).
  3. Crash to desktop

I have the logs and the save file attached. Loading my save file and pressing "End Turn" should trigger it.

Was my second Ground Combat mission. I am a bit sad that I wasn't able to get further (Iron mode) but the overall progress (e.g. performance, Air-combat) since 1.4 is exiting (although I'm not a fan of the alien aircraft art style - looking to much like a flat flying room to fit ground combat mechanics).

keep up the good work : )

Xenonauts 2.zip

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20 hours ago, Ruggerman said:

I have also noticed that when a grenade is thrown, that the object that hits the ground, does look like a c4 package with flashing light, but it explodes just like a normal grenade!

Thanks for the info. That means that there could be two different Bugs captured in the savefile.:

  1. Crash to desktop during alien turn controlling a xenonaut throwing a grenade and
  2. C4 being displayed when a grenade is thrown.

I am wondering if the crash is caused by the missplaced C4 object.

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I thought the grenade thing was a known bug? To me it happens almost every time I throw something. It can be turned into any sprite. C4, Flare, a mine (or what looks like one) or an actual grenade. Worth noting is that it happens to anything thrown, not just grenades. Stun grenades appear to have the same problem I believe.

This however, has never caused a crash for me!

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