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9.3 Combat results from CR window to Global

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I lost one of my units during the battle; my heavy MG took a kill shot. When I returned to base and went to take the wounded off the jump ship and put in the replacements, there she was with no damage, fully armed.

Pvt Fisher (#5) was the heavy gunner who died on the first move. Pvt (now corp) Foster (#4) picked up the weapon to provide continued support. Foster now has her original loadout, as does the Zombie Pvt Fisher.

I've attached the last tactical save and the first strategic save after the fight.



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Thanks. What's almost certainly happened here is that soldier passed their casualty survival roll and so survived - but it seems like they're not then unassigned from the dropship, and it's not made clear that that soldier is on very low health. We'll have a look at how to sort that out.

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