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Fighter aircraft persists in Base, Aircraft Screen after being shot down

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I don't know if this is a bug, so I thought I'd ask.

I hadn't seen an "Interception Result" window where the result was "UFO Escaped" before.  When I did see that result, I didn't notice that the aircraft's health was 0, and I didn't pay attention to the graphic which shows a fighter going down in flames.  What I did notice was that there was a fuel level. (see screenshot), and that the window said "UFO Escaped," not "Fighter Shot Down."

When my Launch Control window showed 0 health for the fighter that was shot down, I was puzzled.  I went to the Base section and the graphic of both fighters was still there.  I went to the Aircraft section and the graphic of the pilot and the aircraft were still there.  I initially didn't notice that there was zero health.

I don't know if this qualifies as a bug, but it is very confusing.  Maybe someone can clarify?  Thanks in advance.








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Thanks. So it looks like everything is working as intended from the code perspective but the info is just not being displayed to the player very intuitively, and there's some missing UI features too.

The two broken / missing things is that when an aircraft is airborne it is still shown in the hangar on the base screen, and when an interceptor has been shot down the bars on the Aircraft screen do not update correctly and so it looks like the aircraft still has Fuel and HP when it has actually been destroyed. In general we need to make it more obvious on the aircraft screen when an interceptor is airborne or has been destroyed and it's one of the things we're planning to look at over the next week.

As for "UFO Escaped", it's essentially just a general "Interception Failed" notification (perhaps we should use Interception Failed instead). It is displayed any time that the target UFO is not shot down in an air combat, which can be either because the UFO shot down your interceptors or because it managed to escape them. But I guess I can see why the terminology is confusing.

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