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[v9.0 Ground Combat] World Scaling and Inversion

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  • Description: I moved around with soldiers on different levels, not at the same time. I also might have moved different soldiers around at the same time. To be honest, I am not sure of either and don't believe either to be related to the observation. 












Inverted World 2.png



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added user save and log output.

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This happened again when I selected a portrait (specifically #10). When I load the save, it reverts, but it does break the current play.

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Thanks for the report. This is a strange one; I'm guessing what's happened is the camera level has somehow gone to -1 or something as a result of you having a soldier who is not on the ground level. But how it's happened I don't really know - I've had a play with a couple of the save games you provided but I can't reproduce it here.

I know this is affecting other users too, so if you or anyone else encounters this situation again then it'd be great if you could take a screenshot of where your soldier moved (or whatever action triggered it) and provide the save game from the end of the previous turn so I can try to reproduce it that way.

If not, our technical director is back from holiday on Thursday so I'll have him take a look at the logs you provided and see if that includes any clues.

EDIT - actually, don't worry, I've got a save that lets me reproduce the bug now!

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