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Coffee Potato

Joys of Insane Ironman

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So there are many things terrifying about Insane/IM. There's the whole perfect accuracy thing, which leads to a really confident and aggressive AI, plus them trying to shoot down your drop ships, plus a sebillian being able to take a shotgun to the gut, etc. Point is: s**t be nutso

That being said, there's a certain joy to this mode. 

-You don't have to feel bad for not using vehicles, because they're too big to help.

-You save so much money on armor, because it doesn't matter.

-You figure out that ramrodding Foxtrots into fighters saves you a ton of money and hassle for anything until Marauders.

-Ballistic HMGs can last a surprisingly long time. 

-Privates turn into a numbers game. Did their deaths distracting the outside team to let you take the UFO break enough a profit? Usually, surprisingly. 

-Then you get to appreciate successes after a single engineer wipes a squad with a pistol. 

-Campaigns are usually so short, whether win or lose, that IM mode doesn't get a chance to bug out. 

-The Hunter becomes the most surprisingly cost efficient weapon in the game. 

That being said, I have no idea why I find this difficulty so fun lately. It really shouldn't be, but it is. 

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