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I'm doing a Reditt AMA (Ask Me Anything)!

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Suprisingly many people ask the same thing with small variations (usually what their current occupation is when they are saying they are in the same situation as Chris three years ago)

Do you feel like you are repating yourself a lot in that AMA Chris?

But my favourite question has to be "Any tips? Youngling here. :)" The question is overflowing with unbridled optimism imo. ^^

(Hmm that sounds kind of like I'm mocking him... that's not my intent at all. this post does not have any sarcastic tone to it whatsoever)

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Hmm, thanks for the answer.

Still, I'd love to do art designing... =/

if that is what you want to do, then do it. also college is important, not for any skills you'll learn, but if you do that is a plus, but for that piece of paper they give you at the end. i am not saying that the art avenue is a no go in some sort of nice way, what i am saying is that without that piece of paper you will have a hard time getting decent/consistent jobs. very few people even care what you get your degree in, especially as an artist. so go to college, help out with mods for the experience, and eventually you will be really good and be able to do something with your talent.

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i thought the comment about having to fix a website that had been hacked into at 2am was pretty accurate at what it means to be a boss. most people think that it is a 9-5 job, or that there are 'off' hours or something. then there's the pay, odds are that you make less per hour than the people under you, you might make it up down the road though.

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