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Xenonauts-2 Closed Beta V1.3 Released!

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We're releasing one more very small update for Closed Beta Build V1, which contains a few small but important fixes in addition to the long list of changes from Build V1.2 that we released last Thursday.

Barring any unexpected catastrophic bugs, this will be the last update we publish this year. We've been working on fixes for about two months now and the coders need to take a little time to catch up on overdue code management tasks and refactors prior to the Christmas holidays. We'll start working on Build V2 when we return in January, which is going to expand the playable content a little and hopefully add some new features too.


  • We've increased the information we get from the error reports to help us track down the issue where units killed by explosions / overwatch sometimes don't play a death animation and remain standing upright as if they were still alive. We still can't reliably reproduce this bug so we've not been able to fix it yet.
  • Limited the FPS on the Geoscape to 200FPS, as things like Geoscape zooming don't work very well at crazy high FPS (some people were previously getting well over 1000FPS)
  • Fixed a crash that happened if you accidentally tried to heal the ground with a medikit.
  • Fixed a crash when you tried to attack a crashed Scout UFO in jungle terrain.
  • Fixed a crash where the ground combat UI wasn't properly clearing when a soldier was killed.
  • Fixed a crash where an item in an inventory was moved with no soldier being selected.
  • Fixed some errors that didn't hugely affect gameplay but were clogging up our error reporter.

The key thing to say here is that if you see the bug where units have been killed but don't play their death animation, please report it by pressing F11 and fill in a bug report telling us what happened prior (overwatch, explosion, etc). Hopefully then we'll be able to fix that annoying bug. You can easily tell if a unit is dead or not by clicking its tile; if another unit is able to walk into that tile then the unit is actually dead.

As always, if you encounter bugs then please report them in the bug report forums. If there's any critical errors blocking you from playing the game then you can also post them in this thread as we'll see them quicker here!

(EDIT - if anyone was wondering why there's been a few more updates in the last couple of hours, I've actually pushed out a couple of small updates to this hotfix today that fix a couple more simple bugs we encountered when going through the bug report forums!)

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I am late to the party, Would love to get access to closed Beta.  How would one do so if they missed the kickstarter?  

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Afraid it's not possible - but the game should go on general sale in Early Access in March so you won't have to wait too long (in game dev timescales). You can sign up for our mailing list if you want a notification when that happens: http://eepurl.com/4FKe9

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