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[v1.2 - Ground Combat] The save button does nothing


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I'm in a mission, second turn, I hit ESC to open the option menu, Save, click "TEST" (my savegame), then "SAVE GAME".

*click* The sound plays, but nothing happens. *click click click* nothing.

I tried deleting my save, it works. I tried to enter another filename, *click* nothing.


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I already noticed that, too, however didn't report it as I assumed that save during ground combat is just a not yet implemented feature. Is there maybe somewhere a list of missing features somewhere? For example I noticed that the buttons for saving/loading default loadouts of soldier in armory do nothing, too and I am assuming the same thing, just not yet implemented.


Btw.: I understand the bug formatting instructions so that we should categorize each Bug in just one of 4 main categories: Ground Combat / Air Combat / Geoscape / General. It doesn't make much sense to invent new category for each new bug report, e.g. the category for this should be Ground Combat.

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I just now noticed that I was a little blind there, too in the question in my Post. It says right there in the release announcement section in the thread for the close beta 1.2 release



Strategy - you can press F5 to quicksave, which will now generate a notification when complete. F9 will quickload the last save (even if not a quicksave). This only works on strategy, as saving in combat is not yet supported. 

So basically yes, it is not yet implemented, but probably the "SAVE GAME" button should be greyed out to make it absolutely clear that the feature simply does not yet exist.

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