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  1. It's also possible that, because Psyons are an easier kill and I didn't encounter them on a terror mission, I didn't notice because I probably didn't reload as much.
  2. When starting the game, the vast majority of hit chances for the Machine Gun are <20%, so I'm not entirely surprised when only one of the shots hit. It's only when firing at very close range, for example immediately over an obstacle, that you get a chance to hit much higher than 20%. So in my experience it has seemed to be working as expected.
  3. Yes. I had definitely been doing some save scumming in order to get the best results on the shooting from my Xenonauts. Exactly how many times I might have loaded I can't say, but I know that I probably reloaded a couple of times at least in order to try and get hits. So that definitely makes sense. You could, of course, consider it a penalty for save scumming, but I'm sure not everyone would go for that ... Question though. Given that I'd probably done some reloading in my previous missions as well, I hadn't noticed Psyons taking large numbers of moves. Is it just more obvious with Sebillians? I'm assuming it would impact any units that hadn't yet acted, right?
  4. It's difficult to say for sure given my other issues with Sebillians, but I don't remember seeing them generate all their hit points in the save I attached. Some, yes. And in several cases it seems like a lot. But the initial regenerate didn't seem to be of all the damage that I had inflicted. That said, perhaps the issue here is related to the other problem I reported where reloading a save multiple times could queue up turns for units that hadn't acted. If a Sebillian regenerated some HP in one turn, and then had a second or even third turn consecutively, is it possible that they could regenerate more HP in the consecutive turns? So if you're able to correct that other issue, this one may be resolved as well. @Emily_F One of the issues I reported turned out to be related to multiple reloads during a turn resulting in stacking up turns for units that hadn't moved. Would you have done any reloads while fighting Sebillians? It's possible that if they had multiple consecutive turns they could have regenerated multiple times.
  5. If you load the attached save file, the Skyranger will be swarmed by all the Sebilians in the area who all seem to be able to move at least 20 squares as well as use automatic fire 3, 4, or more times in a turn. In most cases they will run all the way up to a solder, use automatic fire on them, then run to another solder and do the same. They almost seem to keep moving infinitely and every single Soldier will be dead by the end of the turn. While they have always been difficult enemies because of their ability to regenerate, this amount of movement is a huge increase from the V6.x betas, and makes them impossible to fight. Did you change a characteristic about them which had an unintended impact? The Psyons I've fought seem to be largely the same in the V7 beta as the V6. user-144.json
  6. If you have just one of a converted alien weapon type remaining and switch the loadout on a soldier which results in using the last of those weapons, it disappears from the list of available primary weapons. If instead you drag the weapon into the primary slot the weapon does not disappear but shows that 0 are available. Load the attached save file and use the following steps: Go to Armory Select the weapon below soldier 6, Emilie Gauthier, to go to the loadout screen Change the loadout from Assault to Infantry The converted alien mag rifle disappears from the list of available primary weapons Change back to Assault and the weapon reappears Instead of changing loudout, simply drag the converted mag rifle to the primary slot This time the weapon is still listed in the primary list but has a quantity of 0. This is what should happen when changing the loadout In doing this swapping back and forth I was regularly encountering issues with equipment not displaying in the loadout screen. Hopefully you can reproduce that problem as well while looking at this one. user-135.json
  7. After researching alien magnetic weapons, there are two engineering projects that can be assigned. The first is a converted mag rifle, which works fine as those weapons are available in primary weapons. The second is a converted mag-pistol. Even after having engineering create two of these, there is nothing in the secondary weapons tab to assign to soldiers. I'm wondering if the issue is that there is no art yet for these weapons since the art for doing the conversion in engineering is temporary, but the problem does occur. The attached save file takes you to the point where I have just finished converting two mag pistols. user-132.json
  8. chiroho

    [V7.2 Strategic] Missing Soldiers

    I hadn't seen it in my 7.2 run until this morning when I opened up a save and went immediately to Soldiers and it was blank. So yes, unfortunately still there in 7.2.
  9. Understood. And when I used that checkbox it definitely played out differently. So that makes a lot of sense now. Sorry for not noticing that before and asking the stupid question.
  10. Sounds good. I just wanted to check. Thanks!
  11. In the attached save game, in which I just threw a smoke grenade this turn, I have found that the blonde soldier near the base of the ramp to the Skyranger is hit by the visible alien every time I load the save game and end the turn. From my side, any soldier that tries to fire through the smoke has an automatic 0% chance of hitting. And although the alien must have a reduced chance of hitting as they typically fire several shots and only one hits, that blonde soldier has been hit every single time I've loaded the save and ended the turn. Which seems weird given the smoke. And the rock in the way which seems to reduce my aim by 40%. Also, my vision of the alien doesn't seem to be obscured by the smoke, as I would think it should be - a line of sight block so the alien doesn't even see me to aim, and vice versa. Given that I know LOS doesn't seem to be blocked by other things like stun grenades and smoke from explosions this may make sense, but I wanted to try a smoke grenade in order to try and avoid a guaranteed kill by the alien and had some questions on the functionality. user-16.json
  12. It may be deliberate, but when I fired up version 7.2 I immediately noticed that I couldn't load any save games from version 7.1 - I wanted to do this to test whether things like the missing soldier issue were resolved. This seems to happen whether it's a manual save or an automatic save. Loading a save game, once I created one, from version 7.2 works fine. It's not a problem overall for me because I simply started a new game in version 7.2, but I wasn't sure whether or not this is something that should have worked.
  13. Unfortunately it looks like this is still happening in 7.2. I didn't see it crop up when I first started playing, but as soon as I had Combat Armour created and started assigning it to soldiers before a mission I started seeing a problem. At first it would be that one of the items in the belt wasn't displaying - though if you hovered over it you'd still get the fly by. Then weapons started disappearing as well, and armour. Though not usually both at the same time. I'm attaching a save game from 7.2 in which I was in the middle of assigning as much Combat Armour to my team as I'd made. If you open this and then start putting that on as many soldiers as you can, the error should appear. As before though, it's a finicky and tricky thing to reproduce in that it definitely isn't consistent. I'll see if I can work on getting something that always causes the problem because I know that's needed. user-72.json
  14. Thanks. I also found that clicking on any Hanger in the Main Base tab also does a CTD. I'm suspecting this is because it is trying to bring up the Aircraft screen and so is the same crash. But wanted to make sure that you knew the crash occurred this way as well.
  15. If I try and throw a grenade, the chance to hit and time units are tiny as seen here: Compare this to the same values when shooting a gun which are normal, and I actually like a lot as a change from the V6 beta: I am running 1920x1200 with fantastic display.