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  1. After the first interception in the game I attempted to start a ground combat mission and, after the mission start screen loaded and got to 100%, it immediately crashed to desktop. This happened on more than one occasion. The attached save is from immediately before the combat. strategy-3.json
  2. The developers of the game have done a huge amount of work in order to try and make a game that is a worthy successor to Xenonauts, one that has improvements in many areas. And while some of what they had hoped to be able to provide has turned out not to be possible, even with the game in the state it is in V9.1 it's already a much better looking game that plays very well. I certainly don't think this is downgrade-Development. The graphics are much better, the ability to actually shoot your way into a UFO is a huge improvement, and there are many more small things at both the strategy and tactical level that are quality of life improvements. And as Chris said above, they were struggling with stability issues and had to get back to a stable platform before they could start adding more new things again. Yes, the community here has called out many things that have perhaps taken the direction more back towards X1 and the way it played, but that's a good thing in some respects. If a new feature simply isn't going to work, then would you want that in the game? It's also important to remember that the team at Goldhawk is a small one. Firaxis has hundreds of people working on the X-Com games they produce, and can double that during the most intensive development times as they move staff around from one major project to the next. The Goldhawk team is only a few people, so we have to be understanding with what they can do. The mantra of software development is that there are three main things that can be allocated for any given project - features, time, and resources. If we want certain features and resources are constrained, then it will take a much longer time. Or if we want the game quickly then only so many features can be implemented. In addition, a developer like Goldhawk only has so much money beyond the number of developers, so eventually they will need to ship something so that they can stay in business. So while I agree that I want X2 to be a game that is better than X1, there are many ways to judge how that actually looks.
  3. I agree that some aliens definitely seem to move a lot more, and Brutes seem to do this more than most. Not that I necessarily want them shooting more as they seem to be a good sight more accurate than my soldiers are, but they aren't really doing what you'd expect them to do. Of course, if they were to be a lot more RAWR and shoot a lot more, I'd want a smaller number on a mission until I get the chance to handle one. As it is, even with some converted alien weapons I often have to devote half my squad to one Brute simply because I cannot get enough hits to put it down. I'm not sure I agree. There is quite a bit of randomisation with damage which doesn't make it a sure kill. I've got hits with sniper rifles and done less than 20 damage, and then done 50 with a regular rifle. It's not until you get to laser weapons that you can generally one shot kill anything, and even then it's mostly just Psyons with the laser sniper. And given how much Sebillians can regenerate, I've seen Brutes come back over 100 hp in a turn, I don't want to become even more frustrated than I already am with taking one down with ballistic weapons. In my last alien raid mission in 9.0 I think it took me 4 turns to kill a Brute. Given the way they swarm your ship, which I really like as it's realistic, you'd get massacred every time if ballistic weapons were nerfed. I agree that I barely use them. The only advantage they have is as a backup weapon for the HEVY Launcher or LMG when you simply don't have enough TUs left to fire the other weapon - or you really don't want overwatch fire with the HEVY. I do also use them with the soldier carrying the shield, but by the time I get that I usually have the converted plasma pistol which I think makes a lot more sense. That said, at anything other than very short range they miss a lot, and do need something to make them more useful in the game.
  4. chiroho

    [V9.0 Geoscape] research - queue full

    The only game I can think of is Phoenix Point, which does have a research queue. But in that game you have to queue up every autopsy and pretty much everything you want to look at. So it does make some sense that you can add things to a queue. I guess the reason people are asking about this is that it was present before the 9.0 release, and now isn't there. Just from convenience sake it was nice to put a couple of things in the queue rather than having to remember to go and add something every time a research project finishes instead of jumping to the engineering space to start building what you just researched. One suggestion, if there isn't going to be a queue, would it be possible to have some sort of visual flag indicating that there are things you can research but nothing is currently in the queue? That way I wouldn't forget to add things.
  5. Because the game updated I can no longer load the save, but based on the date and time I reported the issue I think that the attached save, an auto save from after the interception, should have what you need. strategy-3.json
  6. I have multiple bases each with one aircraft assigned. When a UFO appears, I go to the interception screen and the time and location given for each interceptor is the correct location. However, the interceptors always seem to launch from your initial base. See screenshot. The aircraft intercepting the UFO in the US is supposed to have launched from there, and the interception in Latin America is supposed to have launched from that location. However, you can see that they are all coming from my main base and the time taken to get to the UFO is as though that is where the aircraft launched from. Interestingly, after the interception the aircraft returns to the correct base. I don't know if the issue was that the aircraft were constructed at the main base and then transferred to a different location, and I've not done that many interceptions so it's possible that next time this doesn't happen, but at least once the aircraft launches from the wrong location.
  7. chiroho

    [V9.0 Geoscape] soldier's loadout is gone

    Further to this issue, it seems that when a loadout disappears, if the item being equipped is limited in numbers then one of those limited number items is consumed. For example, I created 12 pieces of combat armour. As I was attempting to equip soldiers, some of their loadouts were disappearing and I had to reassign the combat armour. However, I suddenly realised that I'd run out of combat armour and only 5 soldiers were actually equipped with it. 7 sets of armour had disappeared. So I think the armour must still be somehow assigned to the soldier but isn't displaying. Which is fine if you have infinite numbers of an item, but much more problematic if you have to manufacture the item. My save is attached which should hopefully have some indication of the fact that I created the 12 items of combat armour which now no longer seem to exist. user-6.json
  8. After both my fighters ran out of fuel and had to withdraw, the map scrolled as though they were disappearing off it, but the Air Combat section never exited. It just kept running and I ended up having to manually close the game. I don't know if this was because I was withdrawing rather than having a completed mission, but it was frustrating.
  9. I have constructed two Foxhound fighters and entered combat against a scout. However, even when the scout was within the attack cone of the UFO, I never seemed to fire any missiles. At the same time, the scout seemed to be able to fire at my fighters as long as it was within weapons range, even if the fighter wasn't within the firing arc. I kept trying to fly my fighters around until they ran out of fuel and had to retreat without a single shot being fired at the UFO. I believe that the attached save is from immediately before the intercept so should allow this to be recreated. strategy-6.json
  10. The first UFO that I shot down in the game was on the Egyptian coast. However, when I clicked on the crash site to start the mission, the map type was boreal logging. Which seems strange given the location of the crash site - see image.
  11. When creating a new soldier class in the Armory tab, the name appears correctly on the soldier class area but doesn't refresh properly on the list of soldiers assigned to the Skyhawk until you exit the Armory tab and come back in again. What is displayed instead of the class is "NEW LOADOUT PR".
  12. The initial ballistic pistol that you have in the game is, according to the flyover, weight 8. After researching alien plasma and mag weapons, it's possible to manufacture converted plasma pistols and mag pistols. In each case the weight of the weapon is, according to the tool tip, the same as the ballistic pistol - 8 units. However, when equipping them on a solider both converted alien weapons actually weigh 2 more units than the standard ballistic pistol. If you open the attached save and go the armoury screen, my HEVY soldier is currently equipped with a ballistic pistol resulting in a carry weight of 84 and a 2 time unit penalty. If you equip either the converted mag pistol or the plasma pistol, although the tool tip says they weight 8 the carry weight of the soldier jumps to 86 and they incur a 4 time unit penalty. So either the tool tip or the carry weight of the weapon is inaccurate. user-13.json
  13. In playing a ground combat mission I experienced a CTD during the Alien Movement phase following my first turn. What happened: After completing my movement phase, I selected the End Turn button. The one alien visible to me must have been shot by a friendly with a shotgun. There was more exchanges of fire in the area of the map still not revealed, and it seemed as though another alien may have been killed based on the red damage numbers appearing, but suddenly I experienced a CTD. There were a few ERRORs in the log, but the one immediately before things seemed to start to go downhill read the following: 2019-10-28 17:04:49,609 [ERROR] (D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.52.3\Assets\Code\Screens\GroundCombat\Systems\AI\Behavior\StandardCombatantAIBehavior.cs:100) Strange discrepancy between projected path and actual path in Action System when moving to [F:0, I:37, J:41] / [X:18, Y:0, Z:20], ID:4178 Type:Centre Shortly after that the first FATAL occurs. I am attaching the automatic save, the log, and the recording files from when the event occurred. When I tried loading the automatic save and ending the turn again, everything proceeded normally and I was able to get to the next turn. output_ctd.log recording_ctd_7.rec groundcombat-21.json
  14. This looks to be the same terror site map where a problem was reported the other day by sinushawa. Per Chris, this is an outdated map that they'll correct in an upcoming release.
  15. I believe that this is the way that the game should work - all soldiers will recover from their wounds when back at base. However, that recovery is supposed to be faster when a medical room has been build and even faster the more scientists assigned to it. Unfortunately I haven't done any testing on recovery times with and without a medical room to see if this is actually the case.