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[X:CE 0.34.1] Freeze on being shot at while on TP

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A soldier is reflex-shot at during his movement phase, just as he's about to step on a teleporter in a UFO.

The game freezes with the soldier being on the teleporter, and before the teleporter triggers (no animation nor sound).

I had to quit my session the hard way.

Sorry, no screenshot, no log, only my words.

So, instead of a bug report, I guess that this could turn to be a question: what happens when, being right next to a teleporter, you trigger a reaction fire that hits you when you decide to move one step on the teleporter?

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If i would get a nickle everytime this gets fixed and rebroken, i would be able to finance Xenonauts 3.

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Is this fuzzy logic? Fixed and not fixed? Or a lack of sturdiness and me breaking the engine with bad mods management causing a memory fault? Or an engine that has a hard time simulating real time when multiple events occur during a turn (as seen when an explosion occurs: second(s) of freezing, teleportation of projectile (if only displayed), playing of sound at a different time)?

Whatever, it's good enough for me if this is a known concern. Thank you for the notification.

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