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xcesettings: Commanders outranking Colonels?

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Hello, I'm sorry if this was asked before.

It look likes it exchanges vanilla rank "Colonel" with vanilla rank "Commander". As a result, where vanilla's rank order was: Captain, Major, Commander, Colonel, we have now: Captain, Major, Colonel, Commander.

What for?

I see no historical reason, even from an US point of view: a Commander is ranked above a Major and below a Colonel both in US, NATO, and European armies. Indeed, it corresponds to Lieutenant Colonel in most armies, that is a "Deputy" Colonel.

The only reason I'd see is that thorough the game, the player is addressed as "Commander", and perhaps people want him outrank other Xenonauts, colonels included, but isn't this mixing rank for function? Besides, once the first Xenonauts are promoted as commanders, this reason becomes futile, as the player can't outrank them anymore. I read instead that the player is addressed as _the_ Commander, not as _a_ commander. I thought that a ship captain or a base/organization commander would be called like that because it's the officer in command, whatever his military rank.



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