[V1.65 - Modding] String.xml text cannot be replaced or appended [WONT FIX]

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According to the Modular Mod Documentation, Excel Spreadsheet XML files can use MODMERGEREPLACE and MODMERGEAPPEND to partially update game text.

This is used to good effect in many mods, such as Armoured Assault / Furies, Terror, and Dreadnoughts Oh My:

Armoured Assault researches.q70.jpgxenopedia battleship.q80.jpg

But when it is applied to strings.xml, an Excel Spreadsheet, the replace command does not work.

This bug prevents weapon mods to be compatible with each other because they will overwrite each other's weapon description.  It also prevents mods from supporting multiple languages, as seen in the screenshot below which attempts to update English and French text in one mod.


Attached is a sample mod.

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Cannot be fixed, not with a reasonable amount of effort at least.

strings.xml is a file that's expected (and managed by) the engine, unlike the other XML files that are managed by the game itself. So we don't control how strings.xml gets loaded and cannot apply custom Xenonauts stuff, like the modmerge system, to it.

Theoretically of course, the whole string handling system could be rewritten, but that's too much work at this point. And yes, that's part of the reason why translation mods are expected to be separate mods.

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Thanks for the answer, @Solver.

I'd like to note that translators can safely combine mods that add strings into one package; only mod that replaces strings need to be stand alone.

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