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Xenonauts: Community Edition 0.34.2 HF

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Version 0.34.2HF has been released - this is a very small update to 0.34.2, mostly for the needs of X-Division.

Installation (Windows Steam users):

  • Switch to the Community branch in Steam by right-clicking on Xenonauts, selecting Properties, going to the Betas tab and selecting Community. No access code is needed.
  • You can enable/disable mods in "Modding Tools" in the game launcher.
  • You can revert to the standard official game by switching back to the NONE branch in Steam.

Installation (other users):

1. Download the base mod and the mod packageIf upgrading from 0.34.2, you only need the base mod - there have been no changes in the mod package.

2. Launch the old version of the game, install the base mod using Modding Tools. Alternatively: extract the base mod into assets/mods/xce, overwriting everything.

3. Exit the game launcher.

4. Run the new executable from assets/mods/xce. It should display the version 0.34.2 HF 23/02/17. Using this launcher, go to Modding Tools and install the mod pack. Say Yes when asked about overwriting mods.

5. You can now play from assets/mods/xce, or optionally copy the files to the main game installation folder.

What is the relation between X:CE 0.34.2 and Xenonauts 1.6x?

  • The official Xenonauts releases incorporate some features/fixes from an older X:CE version, and some have intentionally not been included. 
  • X:CE 0.34.2 should contain all relevant Xenonauts 1.6x fixes and new features. If you already play X:CE, there should be no advantage to switching to Xenonauts 1.6x.
  • X:CE 0.34 can read saved games from Xenonauts 1.5x or Xenonauts 1.6x, but Xenonauts 1.6x cannot read normal X:CE 0.34.2 saved games. Switching option saveCompatibility in assets/gameconfig.xml to "gh15x" before running X:CE should produce saves in a format that Xenonauts 1.5x or 1.6x can read (keep the option as "xce" for normal play, otherwise some new X:CE values may not be kept in save files). Note that Xenonauts 1.6x may still be unable to load such a saved game if it includes objects it doesn't know (e.g. researches from the Lore+ mod, or incendiary grenades from X:CE).

Changes from 0.34.2:

  • Mod feature: If Xenonauts retake a previously captured base from the aliens, the scientists and engineers will have been killed, as intended.
  • Mod feature: fixes to country retaking code.
  • Mod feature: For retaking Xenonaut bases, the ticker value of the alien base that spawns is now customizable.
  • Crash fix: game will no longer crash if a stunned soldier gets blown up.
  • Crash fix: game will no longer crash after a chain explosion that involves grenades on the ground.
  • Bug fix: planes will not lose weapons if an upgrade is researched while they are in the air.
  • Bug fix: fixed a calculation problem where crouching would be less effective for soldiers with 84+ accuracy, and harmful for soldiers with 100+ accuracy.

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Right. I hadn't realized both are showing up, I'll see if I can make the first one invisible.

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