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Alternative Storyline ( X-Division )

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This is the storyline which i came up with for X-Division. I decided to open this up for discussion to see what you guys are thinking and if somebody would actually be interested in to write something like that.


We will more or less go with the pre story of the vanilla version. The Praetors, as a race, assimliated all the best specialities of the other races, especially the psychic abilities from the caesan and the regeneration from the sebillians. With their psychic abilities they more or less enslaved free specimen from all the races to work and die for them. This became even more potent when they increased their potency with outside energy sources, which the last one we know of is alenium particles in the blood.
This means there are a lot other colonies of free races all over the galaxy but they all fall short to the importance of the praetor enslaving empire.
As for their source of reproduction they keep "farming colonies" for new supplies of specimen as the modified versions the praetor deploy are asexual and cant reproduce.
Heres where the game begins.
The scouts have found earth and found the species capable enough of defending themselv to launch an invasion to see if they possess interesting abilities ( as ususal ). They test earth with more and more difficult waves and note the races ( read us ) abilities to adapt to changing circumstances.
One of the free colonies caesan speciman, Paul, succeeds in reaching the humans ( as described ) and giving them the knowledge of the Anti Matter weapons. He is an equivalent of an researcher and he cant do much without up to date weapons and examples but with his help humans could achieve the best anti matter weapons, as even the praetors werent able to draw out the full potential of this technology. Their dark and ancient weapons are an example of how this technology can be applied but ultimately fall short, and no one knows this except some few caesan and now some humans too.

As humans learn more about the psychic abilities they discover the weakness in the system of the praetors, or lets say the weakest point. Every group of aliens gets lead by only 1 Praetor. This doesnt mean that the different praetors are not fighting for a better  hierarchical position as more power means more access to alenium which in turn means they can control more other aliens which means more power again ( Basically they are all crackheads fighting over the right for more crack ). Keep in mind that most of the aliens and praetors more or less die without an sufficient supply of alenium particles or fall into a comatose state, where they barely live and not for long either.
As the psychic abilities once only belonged to the caesan Paul can tell us with his tremendous amount of knowledge how this works. This more or less lets the humans figure out that with enough energy and right psychic catalysator they could send an psychic short circuit signal far enough into the galaxy to severely maim the praetors ability to hold control over their group of workers and combatants.
As the invasion escalates even more and the use of nuclear weapons gets more frequent X-Div decides that this may be worth a shot even though they dont know if it is effective nor if its the right decision, but time is simply running out for humanity. All that is left is the psychic catalysator. Alive Praetors have proven to be excellent test subjects as praetors would rather betray their own species at the thread of death or lowering the amount of alenium particles ( Crackheads, like i said ). A lot of security measures are necessary to withstand the mind control attemps by the close range praetor and there was an incident where the praetor almost succeeded in escaping, resulting in the death of a lot of security guards and researchers but for the time being and somce clever anti measure they succeed in holding the praetor in as long as necessary.
The idea to use the Praetors mind as channeler substitue comes into play. But even among praetors there are differnt types and stronger versions. They need to wait for a mind which would have the capacity to channel such a big amount of energy as every failed attempt would alert the praetors to set up contermeasure against that. Since the praetors have always had the strongest psychic powers they would never think that somebody else could attack them on that level and are practical as vulnerable as a baby rgiht now. Its a question of how long you can survive before you inevitably fall apart from the ongoing invasion and destruction of the planet. Patience and Prudence, commander, patience and prudence.
This is the Endgame. As the invasion mercilessly progresses there spawns a new UFO, the infiltrator. On this ship is a stronger praetor, the overmind, who wants to delight in the progress of the human resistance. He is a useable subject for the Operation "Mind Bomb". He needs to be subdued and captured alive in order for the operation to succeed. But even than they discover that the overminds (!) brain is not enough as it would literally need a whole facility only constructed for sending and receiving those signals. The difference is as big as the difference between alpha rays and game rays, so they have totally different features.
While tracking the psychic signal the X-Div team discovers a base which an praetors have build in the time of the invasion. Incredibly well fortified with the best of the best materials used and acting as a sending and receiving beacon. But the most notable feature is the concealment technology used for this base. Its not over the top to say that no human could ever detect this base even if they would put their nose right on the door, nor would human technology be able to trace the slightest signal back or forth. The only thing they would be able to be aware of would be strange accidents and coincidential deaths. Only the level of an overmind can send an receive signals from their as catching them would be way harder than catching neutrinos with heavy water.

This is where Operation Edngame begins.
If the amount of alenium is ready, the subdued overmind is ready, the access codes for the fortress are prepared with the help of the andron AI and the whole setup is rdy the humans can make a try.
Not that this is not a one way street as X-Div can have multiple tries, the only thing which is not allowed is an abortion of the mission.
Ingame, this would look like that the player saves the game. Presses the Operation Endgame button. Selects his team and assaults the base. If he fails he simply reloads the save, selects the exact same team and on the next mission he simply kills his own squad which died in the base attack. Then he can continue like normal and try again.

If he succeeds howeever, the mind bomb will be placed and activated. Paul will act as a guide for the channeld energy to ensure to free his people and that they dont get harmed too much. The drugged overmind acts as a substitue for the access of the facility, the facility acts as an amplifier for the charged energy and up it goes. Paul dies in the process as the he knew from thebeginning the amount of energy would be too much to handle for him. Brain splatters has a new meaning.



What follows is " Alien VS Praetors, humans try to survive". A civil war on agalactic scale. What humans dont know that this only effected around 20% of the empires territory, but even then it COULD potentially lit a fire as the freed races try to gather and put up a a resistance. They are neither on the Praetors side nor on the humans side. They are the rebells. There are others who are grateful for what the humans do and cooeperate to agree with them. Theres no bound stronger than having a common foe.
Others think they had it better under the praetors and help the praetors to return everything to old way. They are called loaylists.
There are independent forces all around the galaxy to see this as a chance to raise to arms to achieve whatever they want to achieve.

Its unclear if humans will survive but at least they dont stand against a united force now, they could use the time the confusion gives them to make a proper plan for the future. What it holds is something nobody knows yet. Only one thing is for sure, things will change.
This sets up nicely for a sequel.

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Loved it!

It sparked ideas in my head as I recently started a game with this mod for the first time.



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