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[X:CE 0.34.2] Cruiser UFO Roof turns into wall due telepads

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((If there is a way to semi-highlight the attachment-files in the forum-posts, feel free to tell me; I am aware noticing a tiny line at the bottom is easy to miss.
Feel free to give me some other "formatting"-tips to perhaps make the screenshot-attachments slightly smaller or something else related (preferably via Private Messages).))

Well, one battle with two bug inside; a peculiar day for me.

So apparently this bug turns the roof of a Cruiser-UFO into a wall. What this in practice means is that this roof cannot be "hidden" unless you also hide the walls (via the toggle-option).

Here is how to reproduce with the included "Before"-save-file (the "after"-file ("Roof bug") is there for semi-safer-observations).

((Most consistent re-production steps:))
1. Move the rifle-men from the downstairs to the spots on second floor shown in the "walls-down" screenshot
2. After the second "telepad'ing / beaming", the roof of the Cruiser should now block the whole view, turning the second-floor completely dark until the walls are "hidden".

Active mod-list in included in this post:





Xenonauts Roof Becomes a wall bug 20161221.zip

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We are getting these reports in X-Division en masse as well, its one of the most requested fixes.

When you insert and image you can double click on it to adjust the size. People can still see the full picture by clicking on it.

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