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Arabic Translation - NiNo

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hey all

this game is great and i would like to translation it to arabic

i used to translate some of small games from eng to Ar

i play this game for more then 50 hours now so i understand everything in it and thats ofcourse will help me to do best translation

work start today i read the guild and try to understand so one thing only i need to know how to test it in my game first i dont see option or lang changer so i can test it first in game

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Simplest way is to replace strings.xml and the fonts, just make sure you keep a copy of the originals.
Italian and some other translations are done this way.

French and German translations are done as a mod.
But as a mod I can't seem to override the fonts, so when I do my Chinese translation we have to manually replace the fonts anyway (as of X:CE ver 0.34.2).

Anyway, the biggest problem may be Xenonauts does not seem to support Arabic.
I can make a font that includes Arabic, and it can show Arabic text, but do it left to right - instead of right to left.
I can't read Arabic, but I know that's a problem.  Hope you've got some translator's trick to overcome it.

Otherwise, tough luck...

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