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Increase jump height

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That is a property of the specific map prop. Don't know if it's an oversight or intended to be impassible (is one of Skitso's maps).

EDIT: Sorry, to answer the question, yes. You'd need to find the appropriate prop spectre for the prop though (and I don't know exactly where that will be).

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I already looked, if that is a 'concretebarrier' all of them have a height of "1". I was hoping there would be a switch somewhere to increase the height a unit can jump, including the AI. Would be good if units could jump over boxes & cars & other smallish props, hope this is implemented in X2.


Ah! spectre's you say, i was looking in the maps folder. It's a 'concretebar' & the height is set to "1", there is also a "isVaultable" switch, gonna see if i can experiment with that :D

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