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[9.2 - Geoscape] No crashsite from a bomber

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So, I saw a bomber for the first time and gunned it down with a MIG, over the continental United States, and I got no crash site? It seemed big enough to produce one, and I have not read anything about them before.

Interesting that only a MIG can catch them and shoot them down. I sent an F-17 against the second one I encountered, and it's two sidewinders only did 17% damage, and it got away before he could close to within cannons range with afterburner on the whole time. So even a whole pack of F-17s would only be able to do 51% damage before they got away.

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They are running away when they are by themselves right? They are bombers after all rather then fighters, why should they stay and fight when they are outgunned.

They might only have their escort AI implemented (possibly meaning they think their main ship / friend is already shot down as soon as combat starts)

They might never stay and fight. Their only mission may be to bomb things on the geoscape and they dont have the weaponry to fight in air to air combat.

Or possibly their AI isn't implemented at all so they can't fight yet.

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Obviously their payload detonates on crash impact so there's nothing left of the UFO bomber (or the countryside) to recover. =P

I wouldnt expect any new UFO ground battles unless Chris mentions thm in the version update posts. And to my knowledge Chris hasn't mentioned bombers. (To tie a new ufo to an existing crashsite seems like it will cause much trouble or cause uneccessary bugs... Bugs that spending time fixing would be pointless because they would be in the game only because you did something that isnt going to be in the final game anyway.)

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Payload explodes on impact: gorlom, you are a "reasonable sounding fluff" inventor extraordinaire.

My hat comes off to you, good sir.

Do people around this forum use the term fluff for background that justifies game rules/mechanics?

Anyway, I just quite liked seeing something that was new to me in the game, got excited that I might get a new/different crash site, then: no.

It was fun figuring out how to shoot something new down though.

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