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[V1.63 – Ground Combat] freeze while music track changes

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In combat there is a freeze while the bgm is ending and next track is cueing up.

Game freezes and cursor turns to beach ball, really breaks immersion. freeze typically lasts 4-8 seconds.

Loving this game, hello and great job!

Mac OSX el cap 10.11.1

mid2010 mbp 8gb ram w/ssd

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what happens is it will freeze for a couple of seconds while the music track changes. i have seen this also happen in the globe view and such. This does not break the game or require a restart. It happens with any track. play continues normally after up to ten seconds of freeze.

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I'm confirm this behaviour in Linux too. The game get freezes every few minutes for a few seconds in "unpredictable" times. I was able to match this freezes with music change after music volume up. Zero volume did not disable music play and, therefore, freezes.

While playing under GDB I see console messages "INFO: Geoscape music: now playing tune #2/3" then freezes occur, but in ground battle mode these strings not shown.

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