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  1. I'm confirm this behaviour in Linux too. The game get freezes every few minutes for a few seconds in "unpredictable" times. I was able to match this freezes with music change after music volume up. Zero volume did not disable music play and, therefore, freezes. While playing under GDB I see console messages "INFO: Geoscape music: now playing tune #2/3" then freezes occur, but in ground battle mode these strings not shown.
  2. Frankenshtine

    Memorial Wall - Help Needed

    Is this mode standalone? Can't find it in complete mods forum section.
  3. Frankenshtine

    Xenonauts: Community Edition 0.34

    Is X:CE compatible with Linux Steam version?
  4. I'm getting +3 per mission for acc, str, tus to private on carrier crashsite assault
  5. Frankenshtine

    Bugs still in the game?

    One more: soldiers in Predator armour can wield alien's Plasma Canon, but no animation for this combination available. Soldier visually be unarmed.
  6. Then I saved game (save1) and moved my soldier up into teleporter, I saw an Andron, staying in left-top corner of room. I made 95% shot by sniper and hit him. And... Andron disappear! All what's left is a shadow upon the floor and red circles when I tried to target that place. I make a new save2 and reloaded it. Enemy icon still was present, but pointing to another Andron's remains, near reactor. No enemy is visible! After that I loaded save1. And found Andron on top of that Andron corpse, near reactor. After killing him in that place I'm investigated two Andron remains and one heavy plasma. Undead Andron, heh? Xenonauts.zip Xenonauts.zip
  7. Just FYI, I got this issue again. This time rocketman fired rocket and miss, the projectile blow out or aliens range (due to obstacle) and they do not suffer any damage. After end of turn, I didn't see aliens moves but heard "hit" screams, and suggest the Harridan step into fire (caused by rocket explosion). After I opened door and inspect sutuation, I found Harridan dead in place there fire was been previous turn. I kill remaining Androns and... no mission complete has been done. I saw enemy sign but no enemy was seen. I saved and loaded game and here it is - a live Harridan standing in room corner, where I haven't see him before save/load. This behaviour making this bug difficult to resolve because we can't guarantee it's reproducibility.
  8. Frankenshtine

    Bugs still in the game?

    Ah, yeah - there is funny miscalculating bug: soldiers having odd max TU can't throw grenades after they been suppressed, and soldiers having non-odd - can. I.e. if max TU is, for example, 69, soldier will have 34 TU after suppression for next turn, but to throw a grenade will be needed 35! But soldier having 68 max TU will get same 34 TU for next turn and will be able to use grenades, it will be cost him 34. This is not fair
  9. That's right - loaded save1 I found Andron near generator and no problem to kill him, but before loading I saw him in different place, and after shot he "disappeared". Save2 more interesting than save1 because this Andron might be in surprising state, as it shows as dead and alive simultaneously (enemy icon here but no enemy visible). This bug is as rare as gamesave corruption, In other cases I was hit by this bug, I was able to continue shooting in "disappeared" enemy (as I guess because first shot didn't kill target) and "target" sucks all damage (at least abnormal amount) and didn't "die" (still targetable) until end of turn. I guessing this bug is related to "smaller" bug: then I go up via teleporter, see an enemy turned away, shoot him and he turns to me, after that I move soldier back down and moving up another soldier and found enemy still turned away. If my guessing is right, game code corresponding to draw enemy on map sometimes doing this in wrong place and/or state. This can explain why I saw enemy not in place there it was written in savefile. And, therefore, after enemy sprite updated to show hit reaction, he is drawed in new (right) place, at least game tried to do this. Of course I can be really wrong.
  10. Frankenshtine

    Humble Bundle & Mac / Linux Native Ports

    While I'm playing, I got three times game crash on saving, resulting in corrupted savegame, two times in groud combat and once in geoscape. Is it Linux-related issue?
  11. Frankenshtine

    Bugs still in the game?

    Androns and soldiers wearing Predator armor break opened UFO doors and correctly opening (not breaking) closed, while walking via that doors. Is it a bug? Missed shots sometimes gets in nearby units (soldiers) thru 100% blocking obstacles, like tall walls. Or rockets can miss closed UFO door and blow up inside of UFO. Is it a bug?
  12. After Zombie been hit twice by EMP grenade, it visually exploded. But after a turn or two I discovered in that place a new Reaper. I tried to kill it by fusion rocket and two grenades - damage applied but not killing. I tried also suppress him by flash grenades - no effect at all (even no 'resist' message of visual reaction). Save attached. tmp.sav tmp.sav
  13. If your soldier is under mind control of alien and you kill this alien, releasing your soldier back to your control, save game and load back, finish the mission - your soldier who killed mind-controller did not get Savior Medal. You must finish mission not using save/load after killing mind-controller. Save before killing attached. Instruction how to check bug: rocketeer can go down to cover up to the left enemy and fire rocket in right-lower corner with no obstacles in its way. Rocket blow up and kill red-head allien - he is controlling my soldier. Save-load and kill enemies after that to get no medal, just continue killing other two aliens to get medal. tmp.sav tmp.sav
  14. Frankenshtine

    height advantage is really DISadvantage!

    I don't think it's fixable, because aliens not really walk to spot you troops before start engaging, "they" are already have info about every soldiers no matter where they are. So game just (simplified) selects moving aliens to places there they will they get LOS to your troops and shoot them down. Or throw a grenade, even if no visual contact was established but throwing radius can be reached. This behaviour is reverse of our, humans - wee need to decide where to go and, then, if spotted - to shoot or not and if shoot - in which of targets, while computer selects who to be shoot and, then, where to move alien to do it. So, if there is at least one reachable position from which alien can "see" (and shoot) your soldier or throw a grenade - the game will find it and use it. This behaviour can be named as cheating because human can't know there are aliens in same way (until map is revealed after twenty turns) and didn't see available cells for LOS to enemies. Backing to topic, roof is advantage for LOS to enemy because of no need to move sniper to avoid obstacles on bullet way, but you can use it only if no enemies close enough to move in LOS radius to your sniper in one turn. They will not hunt him if he is more than one turn to reach AND there is a closer targets.
  15. Same thing is about base buildings list. There is a place only for 9 in list, and there is 10 buildings types as total! Then you research Quantum Cryptology Center, you'll see a scroll.
  16. Valkyrie is the biggest transport available for Xenonauts, and capable of carrying 12 peoples on-board. But when you looking at list of soldiers assigned to, you can see only 11 of them and 12 need to be scrolled. This is ridiculous because there is a plenty non-used space where we can expand list up to not only 12, but at least 14 or even more. Why we need to scroll for 12? Lets increase list to 12!
  17. Sometime alient make some terror on our planet. Hilarious when this is done by non-crew vessel like a bomber or strike cruiser. You have a site without of site and instead of ground combat (terror mission) you only get a saucer hovering in a fixed place waiting for you to send some interceptors beat it from a sky. There vessels must be banned from terror missions ship type list. Can't find a spoiler function to hide screenshot.
  18. Ah, this is not a bug. http://xenonauts.wikia.com/wiki/Terror_Mission_(Bombing_Run)
  19. That is a Strike cruiser (on screenshot above) and after sending two Marauders to get it out of sky no crash site or normal ground terror mission spawns. I just got some allenium and alloys. This was second time in this gamerun (first time it was bomber). Only once I got a real terror mission.
  20. Interesting... Looks like Savior Medal cannot be achived at all - I do not see it in soldier's medal list despite it was on finish mission screen.