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Zoom out on SPACE panic button

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Is anyone else slightly annoyed every time you get zoomed out after hitting the SPACE bar? I'm used to the game speed being reduced to the lowest setting, but I find the zoom-out feature to be counter-productive.

Any thoughts?

I know it's possible to re-map the keys to have SPACE only lower the game speed, but I was wondering if others find the zoom-out feature useful.

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It'd be completely gone if it zoomed on the cursor though.

I agree, that would be great improvement.

Going back to my original point, almost every game I've played which has a PAUSE feature uses the space bar to activate it, so I've been very deeply conditioned to mash the space bar whenever anything significant happens. In Xenonauts that's always been followed by zooming back in and panning to whatever I was focused on before.

Making it possible to bind actions to more than just one key (so I could bind "5s time" to "SPACE" as well as the original "1", and map the "5s time zoom out reset" to "TAB" for example) would make me happy.

I tried adding another keymapping function for GSSpeed1 in the gameconfig.xml file but it seems to only use the last of any duplicate bindings in the list.

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