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Map Pack Posting Rules!

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This forum is for the posting of complete map packs - mods that are complete enough that people can download and play them (they are allowed to be updated further once posted).

Any mapping ideas, mapping discussions / guides, or untested maps should be posted on the Mapping Discussion forum instead. This forum is intended to make it easy for players to find and download new maps, so clutter should be kept to a minimum.


  • Post the thread name in this format "[Xenonauts Version No.] Map Pack Name (version number)", so an example would be "[V1.07] Skitso's Map Pack (V3)"
  • One thread is allowed per map pack. If you update the map pack, then please either:
    • Edit and update the original post content / title.
    • Delete the old thread and post a new version (on this forum, thread creators are able to delete their own threads).

    [*]The first post of the thread should contain the details of the map pack, install instructions and the download link.

    [*]If you update the thread with a new version, replace it in the first post. Users should never have to scroll past the first post to find what they need.

    [*]If Xenonauts is updated to a new version number, please ensure the map pack remains compatible with the updated game. If it is, you can update the version number in the thread title accordingly.

    [*]Please attach the map pack as a forum attachment rather than an external link where possible.

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