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Making every item have a cost


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Is there a mod, or even a way of making every item in the game have an inherent cost?

Not necessarily for everything having a manufacture process but at the minimum not being allowed inifinte m16's & C4.

The reason for why I want this is because in my current game line-up and mods, a lot of my soldiers can carry a significant amount, with no restricting factor they are carrying 8-9 grenades because if I die and lose them, oh well I have infinite.

I want to be punished if my character dies with an overloaded back pack!

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I'm not sure whether this would make any difference with soldiers dying, as equipment is recovered after the GC is over anyway. That aside, there's a thread somewhere around here that was on the same topic; I don't think there's a mod available for it at the moment but it would be pretty trivial to do (at least if you only cared about basic items).

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Like Kabill says, you get your stuff back at combat end anyway... Unless, I think, if you would abort the mission and leave a soldier behind OR if the corpse/item pile was destroyed by explosives. If you are alright with that...then you can try...

But then there's also the uncertainty of grenades... I'm not sure if they aren't hardcoded.

I tried removing them and making them producable... the first part was a success..the second, not so much. I didn't have the time to check if I made any mistakes though (quite possible), can't work with files atm.

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I tried to change a lot of the starting gear to be only available by manufacturing them a long time ago and it never really worked.

Their availability seemed to be hard coded somewhere.

Hopefully that was fixed though so I would be interested to see it working.

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Perhaps you could get around this issue by making duplicates of the ballistic weapons, with different IDs but same graphics.

That actually sounds like a good work around. I wouldn't mind having a seperate tab that has the manufactured versions only, whilst ignoring the hardcoded ones that are infinite (if that's the case)

What would be involved in making this change? I wouldn't mind giving it an attempt myself, but what would I be looking for and what would I need to do to make this change?

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