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Suggestions for a comprehensive mod pack?


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I've been playing Xenonauts and have been trying out different mods, with mixed success.

Some mods, like Jsleezy's real armors, seem to be difficult to install as extracting the files to

the assets folder doesn't seem to work. Others seem to cause my xenonauts installation to crash,

due, I assume to conflicts with other mods.

Can someone recommend a comprehensive mod pack that combines the best mods so far into one installation?


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I've been using the Combined Mod Packs, which unfortunately isn't as easy to install like the name implies.

I've found its best to make a backup of the Xenonauts folder before doing anything first. If updates screw anything up you can update the backup folder and reinstall the mods easily. Mods and install order below.





Open_Doors_-_Exterior.zip (Combine Exterior and Interior Folders)


Jsleezy's Real Fighter Sounds-3-1-02.zip

Skitsos Ultimate Megamix Map Pack V0.9.rar

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install version control system (e.g. mercurial + HGtortoise)

get clear game installation, backup it.

install mod, merge changes with previous version ( if, for example, mod version of xenopedia.xml is older, and doesn't have fixes, but have some new research, you can take better parts from both)

commit files under version control.

repeat until you have installed all mods you want.

on the other side, we need some kind of incremental patches to our files to make mods easily compatible with others.

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