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  1. ok here is info from test: Researches.HunterTank 80 Researches.MIGInterceptor 80 started at sep 01 4:58 ~ 5:00 1) both only excellent (21 scientist each) : both researches are finished at sep 05 10:35 4 days and 5,5 hours = 101,5 hours *21 = 2131.5 human-hours for each. total 4263 2) 40 scientists set to each research: both finished at sep 03 16:40 2 days and 11,6 hours (11 hours 40 minutes)= 59.6 hours *40 = 2384 human-hours for each. total 4768 3) 80 scientists to mig and after that 80 to hunter mig is finished at sep 02 20:40 39.6 *80 = 3168 human-hour hunter is finished at sep 04 12:21 79,3 *80 = 6344 human-hour total so in the end, i was wrong, and with excessive amount of scientists some work is wasted
  2. i'm think, that shown status (good-average-excellent, etc.) corresponds to how much time is needed to finish the research and not to it's status. each research has human-day value. so in the end if we add scientists to the excellent research will be completed in, lets say 2 days. but if we hack the game and assign 99 scientists to research it will be completed much faster, maybe in matter of hours. so imo best way to research something valuable is to assign maximum scientists to that research, instead of spreading research potential. because if we will spread researches (e.g. armor and laser weapons) lets say, armor needs 120 human-days and lasers need 60: we got 30 scientists to assign. if we assign them 20 to 10, then we will get both researches done in six days. if we assign them 0 to armor and 30 to weapons, then weapons will be finished on second day. and after that we will research armour in 4 days. so in the end, we will obtain both researches on sixth day, but in second case, we will already get laser weapons and we can produce them. so we minimize state when we doesn't have anything.
  3. IIRC to open up xenopedia article on startup, you'll need to add string into \assets\scvripts\_basebuilt.lua p.s. this will work only in new game (script is started on building of first base)
  4. tested it, and this is how it works: for buyable aircraft, sell value in items xml is price of aircraft when buying. for manufactured aircraft - it's money you will get from selling it.
  5. problem with xenonauts, that it's spawns ufo randomly on globe and doesn't give two s***s can player react to them or not. in old xcom there were graphs - they were showing to player where is ufo activity increase and allow him to counter it. atm xenonauts wave system is full-on luck based (first wave outside radar and interceptor rage? ha-ha f*** You! get this -100k funding. one time on one wave in November and save loads i've achieved results from -400k and -2 territories to +20k and evetyone is kinda pleased, feel the difference) and this is pretty bad design choice. it would be better if there were some sort of strategical ai, that would guide invasion, instead of rng.
  6. is there any proof for this? (besides the fact that you think that it should be as it is) i'm think, that you are wrong because stun baton has emp damage in weapons_gc. there are only two weapons that have it: emp grenade and stun baton. either it (emp damage) must be removed from stun baton declaration, and info that stun baton works only for living targets added, or it should be applied correctly. and second point is: stun baton generates high voltage to blackout the enemies, why is this voltage doesn't works for machines (considering, they are much more susceptible to it and it should burn their circuits (read: apply emp damage)) .
  7. terrapin were planned to be powered armor, but was dropped. you can get more info from this thread http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/6545-Xenonauts-–-Features-Archive
  8. from the game files: if i'm understand correctly then only landship and carrier will do base attack m:airplane.alien.corvette 0 m:airplane.alien.landingship 350 m:airplane.alien.carrier 600 e:airplane.alien.fighter 0 e:airplane.alien.heavyfighter 350 e:airplane.alien.interceptor 600 HP airplane.alien.landingship 2300 airplane.alien.carrier 4000 each turret do damage with 60% chance PlasmaTurret 900 MAGTurret 1200 to protect ourselves from landship, we need, at least 3 plasma turrets or 2 mag turrets. with MAG turrets, chance to protect base will be 36%. with three turrets - 64.8% actually we can come to an desired threshold (e.g. attacking ufo is destroyed with 90% chance, but we can never guarantee that every attacking ufo will be destroyed: with three turrets there is still 35% chance, that two or more turrets will miss)
  9. install version control system (e.g. mercurial + HGtortoise) get clear game installation, backup it. install mod, merge changes with previous version ( if, for example, mod version of xenopedia.xml is older, and doesn't have fixes, but have some new research, you can take better parts from both) commit files under version control. repeat until you have installed all mods you want. on the other side, we need some kind of incremental patches to our files to make mods easily compatible with others.
  10. i'm don't think it's too late. this bug was reported twice already. and should be fixed before release, IMO
  11. @kabill, as active modder, why aren't you using some type of source control? my solition were mercurial. it allows me to diff two versions of same files, and correctly merge them/ make incremental backup of game content. and return to needed version at any time.
  12. it's 2 hours of work. at best. draw button sprites, and call same handlers, that called by pressing spacebar\esc.
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