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You Can't Take the Sky From Me - A Hard-Mode Air Combat Mod


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Right, after losing 2 times against the light scout, I found the trick to tackle it and it kind of puts them in a disadvantage:

The long range cannon makes their AI to path away from your plane when you target farther to the side of the Ufo and it allows you to get close to it. After that, It becomes a dogfight where you circle around it and persist until it runs out of health. The LS would probably make better use of a shorter range and wider arc cannon with its current AI. Multiple missiles are good idea on the condor, and I also like the narrow fire arcs there, feels more realistic. Though the Ufo AI can't really handle it properly on their ship.

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Thanks for having a look at this.

I just realised a slight issue with the light scouts that I'm not sure the cause of: it seems to be syncing the beam and the missiles even though the former has a much faster rate of fire. Ironically, they're harder with just the beam than the two weapons!

Your right about the pathing, but in part that's intentional. With the smaller fightercraft, the aim is to attack them from the side or rear as you've discovered; the trick is getting close enough to them without getting shot up first. Hence the long range weapons but narrow field of fire. The aim is mostly to avoid you just being able to spam missiles in a frontal charge; if you're dog-fighting then all is well!

Nevertheless, I might open up the field of fire a little bit. I've actually tried it slightly larger before and it makes quite a big difference (it's harder to roll out of the UFO's field of fire, which means you're more likely to take hits while the roll cool down is on). Want to see if I can stop the weapons from syncing first, though.

EDIT: Ah, I think I know what you mean now. Not when you're actually in the fighter proper, but on the approach you can path passed the UFO and it will try and intercept you at an angle and therefore allow you do advance just off it's centre. Hmm, yes, might be worth having a look at that.

EDIT 2: Looks like the weapon sync issue is a bug. Or at least, I just tried it with some existing weapons and it did the same thing, so it's not anything I've modded that's the issue.

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