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Found 4 results

  1. One idea i had while playing the Quick battle. When i saw the two soldiers standing near the destroyed tank in the middle of the map, i ended my turn. One Alien shot one shot at one of my soldiers and he was nearly dead, but then one of the two AI Soldiers shot at the alien and killed it, saving my own soldier. The Moment was very athmospheric and i though that you could make the AI soldiers take a little bigger part in the game. My idea was, that you could research alien communication systems and figure out a really quick way of two peole communicating with one another, with some special device, that only one of the two people needed. Then you could use that device by a soldier. When he uses the device he has the option to check on the AI Soldiers and you would be able to see what they see, for that one turn. Another option would be that he could even give them some orders, like "Go north/South/East/West and Attack/Avoid any aliens you see" They would just be send in one direction and would either shoot at aliens or shoot not at aliens.
  2. First, I'm wondering what kind of NPCs will be added in the ground maps besides citizens blocking your way. I'm hoping for police officers and other kinds of armed guards who would try to help you attack the alien presence with weaker damage done or just run and hide. In harder difficulties, Aliens can mind control the armed officers to start firing your way, lmao. So you kill the officer/the mind controlling alien or kill both The best part is you don't know the NPC is mind controlled until it attacks you. Good times to be had. I'm hoping for a variety of NPCs later on, such as Children, elderly, and police as stated above! What do you guys think? Second, I'm really really hoping for unique tile sets for every country you go to in the world. If you go to japan, I'm hoping for Japanese-style tile sets. If you go to Antarctica to eliminate an alien threat, I'm hoping for an icy-type terrain and I'll add that it would be sweet to give your soldiers a cool looking outfit to combat the extreme weather climate. Wishful thinking I suppose Btw, I'll be per-ordering when this bad boy goes to Beta stage!
  3. Silent_Thunder

    Terror Mission Damage

    Was looking at the thread on the best way to do building collapses and though, Why not have some damage done to the surrounding area during terror missions (or the xenonauts equivalant). Basically what I'm thinking is before you arrive, the aliens have been doing their thing, and battling local forces, because of this, it would make sense to, uppon arriving, find walls blow out, partial building collapses, etc. After all it's a warzone long before the Chinook ever graces the skies.
  4. KOKON


    I suggest some ufos to be treated by the army without serious player interaction in the late game. I mean when you are fighting battleships you don't need to shot down and capture small scouts. Seing military airforces flying around would add a lot of flavour and remove the headache of boring supereasy battles. But if you let army to treat some ufo and they would take serious casualties you would recieve a penalty. This idea was in the Vladimir Vasilyev's Enemy Unknown sci-fi book