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Found 8 results

  1. In all three of my intro missions, when civilians run, their hats are disjointed and move a step behind(? They move fast, so it's hard to tell sometimes if the hat is leading or trailing.) them. It's difficult to capture in a screenshot, my skills are not that great.
  2. Hi Chris, what will be changing in regards to the UI both in the Battlescape and Geoscape? Will the Geoscape, research window, base building etc remain in the same structure with updated UI? What about general audio changes/FX's/atmosphere and possible Battlecape weather effects?(rain, snow fall, dusk and dawn missions) and general mood of the gameplay considering you guys now have Unity to play with. Just trying to generally understand if X-2 will be a clone of the original right down to its structure and menus with improvements considering team size and budget, or if there are any other major visual changes being considered. Cheers
  3. KommissarFrank

    Setting up gas masks?

    Hi, I'm stupidly new at this and have little experience in modding beyond color changes and maps back in Warcraft 3. I started playing Xenonauts because XCOm during the Cold War sounds awesome. But I'm big on customizing my soldier's gear. I've got no issue with the current armours, but on thing came to mind: Where are my M17 NATO gas masks? I'm a sucker for these kinds of things and I want to attempt to just scribble on gas masks on my trooper's armor. I'm not looking to change sprites or stats (heck, I could paint the masks tan and it'd be fine), but I want to tackle this right. I found the image assets, but now I'm not sure where to go next. I have a feeling that if I just edit the armor images I'll crash the game. Any advice for a complete and utter newbie? Picture for reference
  4. Thread for cosmetic improvements you think would make the game better. Please don't start discussion on what I think. Instead add your own. We want to improve the game, not bicker pointlessly until we lose sight of that mutual goal. I don't even care about the stats of the wolf armor, but I so enjoy getting it because of how awesomely cool it looks. that cool look is what makes me feel that it's powerful armor and gives me the joy of equipping my guys with it. It's ALL the difference. These types of thing are very important because the way the player FEELS is basically his game experience, and these cosmetic things make a player feel differently about things happening in the game. This is much more than of functional importance alone. For example, it's important for the player to know that the new ceasean is a higher power caesean, and for that you give it a different armor. But it's much much more important for the players game experience to feel afraid and uncertain of this new enemy, and for that the graphics need to be evocative and more than just functional. So here are things which I think could be done to add, both cosmetically for feeling and for functionality 1) alien shot color --- it's all blue! I think it would make you feel much more 'ow... wtf is that' fearful if suddenly you got an alien shooting an orange bolt at you, or red, corresponding with weapon power. It's a way to make more advanced aliens seem more threatening in a very simple way (simple psychology) 2) Air-combat graphics are tiny! This is functionally problematic, but also in terms of the feeling it evokes. Air combat feels like it lacks 'solidity' because of the tiny figures. I'm sure than making all combatants in aircombat twice as big will give the game a much more meaty feel 3) recoil for laser guns? why is there recoil animation for laser guns? 4) Reaper looks... too cute. The painting is very very well done, but for me it's just too small to be threatening, and its coloring is a bit too drab and uniform. not nearly threatening enough. I'd suggest using colors that we're genetically wired to associate with mortal danger and not give it a 'one color suit'. 5)
  5. I've been playing with the latest Xenonauts build a bit and while it's still got a long way to go to be really playable, in most cases I'm pretty confident that missing/bad stuff has already been considered and is in progress. However, I'm not sure whether the way stats are represented now are a placeholder or actually the real intended deal, so here's a thread about it. One of the things X-Com did really well was showing Soldier Stats. The stats viewer, showing one soldier at a time, made really good use of colour and graphical representation over plain text to differentiate the different fields well and look pretty to boot. It's a delicious rainbow of information With stats, for the full picture of a trooper, you're not just looking at a single stat, you're trying to see all of them at once, comparing one to another rapidly (he has good strength, but how is his accuracy, because if he has both I could make him a heavy weapon gunner). Having things represented so clearly and in such a well-defined manner allows quick comprehension of not only single stats, but also of multiple stats as once as we quickly remember which bar means what thanks to colour/average size/position so we can comprehend multiple things at once. With the above picture, you can look at the trooper's stats and work out what kind of skillset he has in seconds. You'll also notice that at the end of the bar, different shades are implemented to further differentiate parts of the bar, letting you see how much of that trooper's stat was with him at his recruitment and how much of that is his progress throughout missions, which is a touch I love and something very central to the fun in keeping your soldiers alive and seeing them improve. I feel this is something really lacking in the current stats representation in Xenonauts. I understand the decision for a low-key, uniform visual style that depends on official looking font and a very unified colour-scheme, but when it comes to Stats, I really suffer for it. Everything being the same colour and only represented by a number makes it next to impossible to comprehend more than one stat at once, and even that single-element comprehension is harder; its more of a strain to focus your eyes in to seperate the particular stat you want out of the same-coloured muddiness. LOST: MY STATS - $500 REWARD When I look at the picture above, I can't understand the trooper's stats quickly at all. There is no way to see his stats at a glance because everything is represented only in absolute numbers, not graphically. I have to constantly dart my eyes left and right - left to see the stat I want, then right to see the number of that stat. I have to then keep that number firmly in my mind for any kind of comparison: there's no easy way to glance back at that number that I need for the comparison I'm making, because it all blends in again as soon as you stop focusing and it takes you a second or two to narrow in on what you need again. This ends up in a train of thought for me that goes something like "okay, he has 56 strength... accuracyyyy.... uh.. there, 59... where's AP... damnit, I forgot his strength, I need to find that again". Additionally, on a purely visual level, I personally feel its a lot less fun to look at than the multi-coloured prettiness that is the X-Com graph, but that's just my opinion. My eyes hurt There was no multi-soldier stat screen in X-Com so I can't really make a direct comparison here, but I don't really need to; it suffers from the same problems as the single-soldier stat page - everything is the same colour, it's all plain numbers, it feels like I have to play Magic Letter Puzzle to hunt down a single stat let alone compare them to each other in short order. Find Strength, Accuracy, AP, and Bravery, then find each of them again for comparison to each other, and you're not allowed to mark them when you find them either so I hope you like finding them again The multi-soldier one is naturally going to be harder to find things in than the single-soldier view because there's more information, but I still believe the stuff that can be used to fix the single-view will also do wonders for the multi-view. I really like where Xenonauts is going, I just want to make sure that things like this will be up to scratch, so this thread is my bit for making sure that happens. Of course having a poor representation of the stats will not ruin the whole game, but understanding the skills and capabilities of your troops and using that information to equip them as well as possible is a huge part of this kind of game, and increasing the time and effort it takes to do that is going to take a lot of the fun out of that, not to mention making it a big time sink.
  6. I honestly don't think that a collapsed alien turning blue communicates very well that I've stunned it. Sure, it communicates something. Perhaps it's out of breath. Or I've inflicted some kind of status change on it. But it doesn't really say (to me) that yup, I've stunned that dude. Perhaps an icon with a few animated stars would do the job better?
  7. It shows up in the inventory/backpack screen, but not when a soldier actually has one in their hands ready to use. It's a leap of faith to click on that black and then get the little medic cursor. Shows up continuously. Somewhat related, mechanics of how they work would be helpful (can only one once? best to use all AP in one turn if you can? better chance of people not being dead after mission?).
  8. One thing that REALLY bugs me about X-COM inspired games, always seems to be they perspective. Mostly, the bullets. In Xenonauts, the missile from the tank/rocket launcher looks REALLY out of place. And the other thing: The bullets could look like they are going straight into the alien, then without no notice it appears to hit the ground. My Suggestions: Shadows for bullets/missiles. Make missiles fit better with the landscape ect. Make alien bullets better with shadows as well. Make sure the bullet gets closer to the shadow when it gets closer to the ground (Also missile.) Soldier perspective I believe is a bug, so the only thing I'll say is, same as bullets for some things. - Wolfy