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Found 6 results

  1. I know i have got to be missing something here, but it seems to me that condors are far better than foxtrots especially when were talking 1v1 air fights. So far I have been unsuccessful in effectively using the foxtrot. i've seen a number of youtube videos where the foxtrot has 4 missile points yet mine only have 2? i have been playing on the latest steam stable version, 19. however i just switched to the experimental build and have not built another foxtrot yet, dont want to waste the money. any advise?
  2. Hi Guys. Have start to build with 15 mechanics a foxtrot intercepter. Have enough money (150 k) for this. I see on screen, that they need the time 2 days and 16 hours...but there are no progress. Where is the problem? Is this a bug or do I make somethings wrong. I mean i know how to build a plane...but this time it just dont workd pleas help. thanks
  3. Have the latest changes made Foxrots totally useless? Now the alien scouts and fighters can dodge both torpedoes due to the 1-second dodge cooldown. I can't find any use for Foxtrots except as decoys to pull alien ships away while the Condors try to flank them, but this makes it totally impossible to win a battle against 3 alien fighters. In the latter case, going into battle is suicide because the fighters are faster, so it is best to just stay home. As for the Condors, I find it almost impossible to time the two torpedoes and both usually miss. Fortunately this is compensated to some amount by the longer range of the Condor guns. As a result most of my air battles consist of using one plane to decoy the aliens while the other one hopes to flank one and use his gun to down him. This is rather repetitive and dull.
  4. Dranak


    A few days ago I was thinking of the silliness of building the world's most advanced fighter, that for some reason is incapable of actually maneuvering like any other fighter craft. Then I thought of this comparison, and I couldn't stop laughing for a couple minutes. [video=youtube;j3ZmHV-Dqo8]
  5. I'm not sure what build removed 2 of the Foxtrot's hardpoints or what explanation was given for it but after a couple weeks of dealing with the change I'm still having trouble with it. The Foxtrot really lost a ton of utility and effectiveness because of that change. It helped balance the Foxtrot in the early game, but it's turned it into a sitting duck once the fighter escorts start showing up. It's also a huge problem once the larger alien ships start coming because you just can't carry enough torpedoes to bring them down without bringing only Foxtrots to the fight...and if you do they'll usually just get picked off by fighters. I'm sure that air combat is still being balanced, as is much of the game, but the Foxtrot really needs those extra hardpoints back, even if they're limited to only carrying missiles with them. Especially considering that you spend a lot of time and resources gaining access to them. They can't evade and have extremely limited payload even with 4 hardpoints.
  6. I have beenplaying for over 30 hours, but still haven't figured out the following: 1) How the heck to you get the screen to adjust the positions of the soldiers in Charlie? I have tried every darn button and searched for hours without success. 2) In the latest video by Steelwarrior77 (good videos), his Foxtrots have 4 missiles, two on the wings and two on the body. How is that, mine only have missiles on the wings? I would like to have 4 missiles on my foxtrots too!...