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Found 10 results

  1. kolt16

    Ai Modding

    So, first of I know this has came up, found some stuff on it, not a lot. I played Xenophobia with an old version some time ago, the Ai used crouching and cover there, and used to actually shoot at me. Unfortunately that setup bugged out for me. I tried a new version with MXC, it's pretty good, I have been at it for a while, my only concern is that the ai seems to be way stupider now. I have no idea if this was a change in the core game, in xce, or a miracle on Xenophobias part. I have recently tried reading up on the ai, and the possible settings for it, but no matter what I try, the principle remains the same, the only thing the ai is actually trying to do, is to stay out of my line of site, and rely on reaction shooting only, if I position my guys properly. (they only come out if I leave someone on the open for them to shoot at) Crouching is only used if they get suppressed. I saw some attempts at fixing this, but could not replicate them myself. Some post kept referring to TacticalDragon as the one who mastered the ai, unfortunately he did not write much about it. (I tried Hellgate briefly, but it also kind of bugged out for me, might give it a second try later with a new install) I'd appreciate any help on this. Would it be possible to change the ai for my current play-through, or there is actually no way to make it behave like it did in the good old days.. I played around with the MinimumAccuracy, Cover, and EnemyLoS settings among other things, but nothing conclusive came of it. I suppose for these to matter I might have to alter weapon, and character stats as well? Or just stop using crouch to balance the game out.. I really miss classic firefights with cover and buildings being shot to pieces.
  2. I've been playing for months now and I've yet to see the aliens open the door of a ship and attack my troopers as they assemble outside the door for an assault. That used to happen in "that other game" and was the cause of allot of apprehension while I was getting ready to assault a ship. Perhaps we need to tweak the AI and bring that into the game a bit more.
  3. I approve. The aliens generally don't just camp and hope to get off reaction fire, but instead proactively come after you and try to kill you. I did one alien base assault, I pushed in toward the first four way intersection and then suddenly found myself getting swarmed by aliens from three directions at once. After I finally managed to kill them all off in an epic firefight, it was quiet. Too quiet. I knew there were still aliens -somewhere-, but the search through the empty parts of the base was one of the most wonderfully creepy experiences I've had in a game in recent memory.
  4. I played the hell out of V19, but something has noticeably changed in the aliens aggression level in V20. In V19, I loved how well the aliens not only used cover, but would happily dig in and engage in fire fights of attrition with my troops. Now though, they seem obsessed with cover, to the point of seeking out a different covered position, even when they already had a good covered location and firing arc, rather than shooting at my guys, who can basically walk right out into the open without much fear of drawing fire. Reaction shots are now more dangerous and likely than direct fire as the aliens are more likely to just look for another covered location during their turn. Anyway, loving the game, you guys are doing an awesome job, just wanted to throw this out there as something that I noticed.
  5. Hi guys, sorry for my bad english ! Well i bought the game and i really want to say that this game is really cool, but i don't really understand how the AI is working on this game. Every mission that i have the Aliens just keep fleeing and waiting for Reaction shots that's all they can do, they don't even try offensive move they just wait and flee when i attack them. On the first mission i was like " Ok its not a problem since i'm not fighting the real Alien Soldiers " but now i'm in December and it's always the same, they don't even try to attack me. There's 2 exception, for 2 missions the base attack and the terror missions. Now i'm really frustrated to attack downed UFO because on the ground every mission will be the same, they will ignore my vehicle and keep retreating... Is it working as intended ?
  6. Hello, i found a Problem (i think). All Alien Vehicles i see act Stupid. They never attack me or have Reflexes after i shoot them. They only drive over the Map and do nothing i never see them shoot. greets VN
  7. So A.I.! I've heard you guys were having a rough time with the subject, and after seeing a job opening I applied for the position! A small introduction: I'm a quite passionate game developer, specializing in A.I., living in the southern part of the Netherlands. Important answers for insight into the persona: - Chrysalid, Chrysalid, Chrysalid - It's called UFO: Enemy Unknown, dammit - UFO > Terror from the Deep >>> Apocalypse - Flying Power armor was O.P.; Real men play without. Now onto the good part: I want to be quite open on the A.I. development and plan to keep a journal. The journal should be approachable by anyone (it shouldn't be technical) and the first two posts can be found here: Xenonauts A.I. - Introduction Xenonauts A.I. - Knowledge Systems Pt. 1 Furthermore, feel free to ask me any and all questions, apart from specifics on game content. Also, I hope this thread turns into a discussion so you as a community can help guide me in the construction of the A.I.! Confident he will break your unfortunate A.I. coder streak, GJ (Callsign Methius)
  8. rp03ev

    Ai ufo...

    Do they actually play the game against you in a strategic level (build bases, scout, attack your base etc) or is just random scripted events like Xcom:EU, where you get couple of random abduction missions that magically appear once every month? Sorry if it's a noob question, but I loved XCOM:EU great graphics and all but was lacking in strategic substance. Felt the events were scripted and linear. I rather play a game that has substance than graphics. I'm mostly likely getting the alpha $29.99 preorder just to support these independent developers eventhough I never played the original Xcom. Thanks.
  9. When aliens are located in a room of their alienship, skull aliens, they tend to keep standing there. Don't move. The only way I can think of to kill them safely is throwing grandes into the room. But you have to guess if there are aliens inside. Because their weapon is too strong to head in. If they hit you, your character is dead right away!
  10. Sunshard

    Fun with AI

    After noticing that we now have a new AI programmer on the Xenonauts team, I'd like to give that individual a warm welcome. I'd also like to talk about AI in Xenonauts and the sort of technologies that might be employed, provided this doesn't ruin anyone's enjoyment. I admit that this topic is something I really like, and I've taken a plethora of modules related to academic AI (and a few books and materials on AI actually put in games). I admit to a complete absence of knowledge of the sort of AI used in previous UFO games and the AI that may be planned. So I'm curious about two things: - What sort of AI did the good ol' games employ? - What might Xenonauts be looking at using? Threat maps, simple finite state machines, decision trees?