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  1. Lower diffilculties shotgun feedback look like this: 34 23 MISS! Higher difficulty removes the red hp counts so it looks like this : MISS! Two shots which hit, has no feeddbaack. It means, only negative feedback is passed to player >> the miss word. That is not pretty nor creates positive feeling. I believe that game should give player the positive information. In some form. Like this : Hit Hit Miss! As you can see, player gets nice positive feedback he made two hits. Information value is the same as in current system, but two red words Hit! are the positive feedback. On top, when player shoot a Machine-gun batch to the flock of opponents, the red word Hit above various opponents gives a clue who is hit, or not. Which is not available in the current system. Omiting possive feedback game loosing motivation for player and feel confusing. Satisfaction moment is missing ! On top of this, I would recommend to ad Holywood type of Hit (it is just a scratch) Graze. Graze is hit for (0 to 3hp) then it start nicely communicate with player when armour comes into the game. Look at this feedback of machine-gun long batch. Miss! Graze Miss! Graze Graze Miss! Miss! Miss! Hit Hit The player clearly see that 3 first hits made some scratches, probably bounce of armour, then last two bullets actually made some damage. Which is very good for emphasise powerfull enemies. In current system it might look like player shoot but nothing happens, no feedback, player is lost. My advice is, add possitive feedback of Hit and Grace to improve general motivation of the player. All this by three colored words. :-]
  2. Added support for the Khall's More Portraits from the Community Edition. If you are using X:CE with the Khall's More Portraits mod you will need to download both Pataschka's Comrade Commander and Pataschka's Comrade Commander XCE support for Khall's More Portraits for this mod to work properly. If you are using vanilla version of the game then you don't need to download Pataschka's Comrade Commander XCE support for Khall's More Portraits file. Added Optional File with Renamed Ranks of operatives (from Private to Lieutenant instead of from Private to Colonel) The difference between using and not using optional file can be seen from the screen below: Screen For installation unzip into the /mods folder and in the launcher activate and add above Pataschka's Comrade Commander Mod Screen Version History: 1.3 Replaced sprites of the drill instructor from Dmitry Puchkov to sprites of the actor Alexander Nevsky Replaced the original sprites of the base chief engineer with sprites of an actor Aleksei Smirnov (character Fedya from the comedy "Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures") 1.2 Fixed black spot for the male jackal armour image on the left side of the helmet next to the ear 1.1 Colonel and Commander rank images were mixed up - fixed Wrong colouring of the hat under the helmet for jackal armour image - fixed 1.0 Initial Release This mod changes loading screens, rank images, the main menu screen and the uniforms of the agents (basic and jackal armor) in the style of the Soviet Union to give the game more Cold War era look. The colour schemes of the changed uniforms were changed to reflect the clothing colours at the ground combat. At the main menu screen: - All three officers were edited to have the look of the soviet-like uniform (uniforms and a cap were recoloured. shoulderboards, buttonholes harness and a military pin were added) - At the difficulty screen each uniform was repainted in following order: easy - lieutenant colonel, normal - colonel, hard - major general, insane - major lieutenant At the base: - The face of the scientist in the lab facility was changed to the face of the actor Aleksander Demyanenko (from his role of the character Shurik). His clothing was slightly changed too (a shirt and a tie were added under the t-shirt which was repurposed as sweater) - The face of the drill instructor in the personnel tab was changed to the face of the famous translator and writer Dmitry Puchkov. The uniform of the character was edited to look like a soviet VDV soldier. - In the storage screen the character who sits there was edited to look like the actor Aleksei Maklakov in his role of warrant officer Shmadko. The tie, cap and sholderboards were added to the uniform of this character. - All the soldier photos were edited to have a soviet-like parade uniform - In the roster screen the basic uniform was replaced with the recoloured soviet m69 uniform and the jackal armor was replaced with recoloured soviet afganka uniform. Images of the uniforms were taken from the photo of the shop www.esty.com - Ranking images were changed from the original to "shoulderboard" variant to match the soldier uniforms Ground combat: - Hidden movement screen was altered to have repainted soldiers from the painting "unequal fight" by Ivan Khivrenko - Mission fail and mission victory screens were edited to have corresponding soldiers at them. For this purpose photos of airsoft players were used from pinterest ,https://twitter.com/historyuniform and www.airsoftgunspb.ru: https://www.pinterest.ru/pin/316659417543223677/ http://www.airsoftgunspb.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=34868 https://twitter.com/historyuniform The used source photos are not mine (I only cut, edited them and placed them into the game). Though they can be freely accessed from the internet by anyone, If you're the author or the model from one of these photos and for some reason you see the usage of the photo is inappropriate, please PM me and I'll remove them as soon as possible. The purpose of this modification is to give the game the Cold war atmosphere to match the setting of the game, however the author of this modification does not trying in any way to propagate any regime or ideology. Installation Instructions: 1. Go to your Xenonauts assets folder (C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Xenonauts/assets/mods) 2. Unzip "Pataschka's Comrade Commander" folder into the /mods folder 3. Launch Xenonauts.exe 4. In the opened "Xenonauts launcher" hit the "Modding Tools" button 5. Select "Pataschka's Comrade Commander" string and hit "Activate" Button 6. Click "Back" button Now you can launch the game ------------------------------ This mod is compatible with anything that does not replace the same files (unless you go around tweaking them). Screens: Screen01 Screen02 Screen03 Screen04 Screen05 Screen06 Screen07 Screen08 Screen09 Download: Pataschka's Comrade Commander 1.3.zip Pataschka's Comrade Commander XCE support for Khall's More Portraits.zip Pataschka's Low Ranking Option.zip ____ Mirror (external link) https://www.nexusmods.com/xenonauts/mods/45?tab=files
  3. Hi guys! New member/kick-starter backer here. So personally one of my favorite features of the Long War mod for Xcom2 was the ability to build squads of soldiers and send them out as needed (I'm sure most of you are familiar with it), since some soldiers and weapon combinations worked well together. Basically acting as a glorified squad preset system sending predefined people with predefined gear quickly and easily. I just loved being able to send alpha squad out on a mission and then have bravo squad cover for alpha when somebody was injured or they were preoccupied or something. It also felt like it made me more personally invested to the 'team' since finding replacement soldiers that fit certain squad motifs could be a bit of a challenge. Stealth Squad Omega lost a sharpshooter? Shoot that hurts I guess now we'll induct one of the nuggets.. Is this a feature that would make its way into Xenonauts 2? I feel like it might work really well with the stress system, allowing the player to easily substitute a group of fresh soldiers for worn ones. It might also work well if they decide to implement some sort of teamwork/ranking feature where certain soldiers get bonuses for working with others or bonuses based on the amount of time/missions soldiers spend together. I've attached a screen shot from Long War to show off their implementation on the off-chance you guys haven't seen it. Anyway, I really enjoyed the feature in Long War and it would kill me with glee if we saw some sort of counterpart in Xeno2. Either way keep up the good work devs!
  4. I was a huge fan of Xenonauts 1 and saw it as a shining light after having wasted countless hours trying in vain to love the terrible excuse for a game the new XCOM was. My only comment would be to remove the "Hidden Movement" feature and maybe add a little more control as far as screen rotation during the enemy turn. It adds nothing to the game and only serves the purpose to detach you from the scenario by essentially turning off the screen completely during the alien turn. One of the things that the newer XCOM games did right (and by that I mean one of the VERY FEW things) is the sense that during the alien turn you are constantly watching the screen in case something happens. Even though you already know the screen will zoom to any movement in actuality, you still can't help but watch. It adds a sense of depth and immersion while you're waiting for the aliens to move instead of just turning off the screen and saying "Ok, now wait for your turn." Thoughts?
  5. Hi Chris, what will be changing in regards to the UI both in the Battlescape and Geoscape? Will the Geoscape, research window, base building etc remain in the same structure with updated UI? What about general audio changes/FX's/atmosphere and possible Battlecape weather effects?(rain, snow fall, dusk and dawn missions) and general mood of the gameplay considering you guys now have Unity to play with. Just trying to generally understand if X-2 will be a clone of the original right down to its structure and menus with improvements considering team size and budget, or if there are any other major visual changes being considered. Cheers
  6. Please consider that many people complained for years complained about the small font sizes in Xenonauts and many indicated that this is reason not to buy the game. Consider that your program attracts older gamers who played already Xcom. And for them the small fonts of Xenonauts are a pain. And, yes, we play on laptops, because we sit in planes, on airport gates and hotel rooms on business trips. It is a shame that this "feature request" for scalable, better readable, larger fonts was disregarded for years in the development of Xenonauts. Other wishes along that line: - Audio (reading those texts) - Playing a well-readable Xenonauts-2 on a large iPadPro would be wonderful for me ! Otherwise, thanks for the nice game. I see Xenonauts as a test case and learning project towards a great Xenonauts-2 which should try to omit all the mistakes of the first one. Off topic, some other nice things would be: - Being able to shoot or at least throw a grenade when standing besides an open door. - Being able to rotate the map.
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