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    Bigger Fonts in Xenonauts 2

    Nice. Well, playing games, writing programs, hacking around, inventing things, all of the same: Curiosity. Can totally understand.
  2. Swarmer

    Bigger Fonts in Xenonauts 2

    Looking forward to that. Good to hear that they are aware of it.
  3. Swarmer

    Bigger Fonts in Xenonauts 2

    Looks interesting. I am not sure what I should exactly look for. Which mod is it? Fonts appear a bit larger than Xenonauts on my screen. However, at least in the screenshot, some look still hardly readable, for example the yellow-font list of soldiers properties on the upper left side (below the "Charlie -1") Especially the top bar is a huge empty black bar, so there is much screen estate that can be invested into a better visible output without any loss.
  4. Swarmer

    Bigger Fonts in Xenonauts 2

    There was obviously a mod that increased font sizes, however it seems not available in Steam workshop (at least not in MacOS, don't know if this makes a difference). However, as I can read in the internet from the creator of the mod it is far from perfect, for example some texts were clipped/truncated. Actually I am not so much searching for a font size increase in Xenonauts, I was suggesting to Goldhawk to consider this an issue when they go forward with Xenonauts 2. That should be a design aspect from the beginning. It may later help them to even port their game more easily to other devices with other screen ratios and resolutions (e.g. tablets, consoles).
  5. Swarmer

    Bigger Fonts in Xenonauts 2

    Yes, you are right, they are also ridiculous. At least on my MacBook I can use vertical two-finger-slide (I guess on Windows machines that would be mouse wheel) to browse up and down in those lists. As said, those gestures and real point&click would work like a charm on a large iPadPro (and of course on any other iPad and Android and Windows tablet). I am wondering, as there is a Linux version, why there is no Android port? That would be a sort of killer app there, I guess. Well, I guess, that is too optimistic to hope for that.
  6. Swarmer

    Bigger Fonts in Xenonauts 2

    Great! I hope I will paying such games too when I turn 71 !!! Congrats for keeping up-to-date so well, my parents are several years younger than you and wouldn't touch a computer game. I hope Goldhawk Interactive realizes that there are games that are played across all ages, like this one. My sons play them (16, 18), I play them (46) and Squaddie plays them with 71. What else can a company wish for? If they do it right, they can build up a good and diverse fan base. But they should listen more to their fan base, as the size complaints were present in the bulletin boards for many, many years. Just they were ignored. And today, at least on the Steam (MacOS version) workshop pages, even the mod is not available (anymore) that increased fonts to some extent.
  7. Please consider that many people complained for years complained about the small font sizes in Xenonauts and many indicated that this is reason not to buy the game. Consider that your program attracts older gamers who played already Xcom. And for them the small fonts of Xenonauts are a pain. And, yes, we play on laptops, because we sit in planes, on airport gates and hotel rooms on business trips. It is a shame that this "feature request" for scalable, better readable, larger fonts was disregarded for years in the development of Xenonauts. Other wishes along that line: - Audio (reading those texts) - Playing a well-readable Xenonauts-2 on a large iPadPro would be wonderful for me ! Otherwise, thanks for the nice game. I see Xenonauts as a test case and learning project towards a great Xenonauts-2 which should try to omit all the mistakes of the first one. Off topic, some other nice things would be: - Being able to shoot or at least throw a grenade when standing besides an open door. - Being able to rotate the map.