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Found 5 results

  1. hi I've ordered the soldier pack for the pre-order for this game I really like the idea of this game and wish i could share it with my friends. So was thinking if I could give a helping hand for the translation for this game in korean I might not be able to give you a 100% translation, and I'm not a professional translator. but I think I could manage a rough translation for the core of this game If you provide me with the text files. I do have some experience on translating games. It might still be on closed beta but I believe there are core game parts that will not be altered to the full release. I will focus on those parts.
  2. Hello, It looks like the label 'GoToBase', which is given the value "Go to base" in strings.xml, is used on buttons in two different situations. To open the base UI. (e.g. unlockedresearches.lua) To center the Geoscape on a newly detected alien base. (alienbase.lua) Though I understand that "go to" is correct in both case in English, perhaps in other languages, the translation is uneasy. I'd suggest to have another label when an alien base is discovered, like we have 'ShowCity' and 'ShowUFO' labels (e.g. "Centre on Base - Time = 5 secs").
  3. Hello, I'm stuck with a minor concern that could perhaps be solved in next X:CE version (even if due to vanilla game). It looks like (but I'm not sure) that some character strings don't come from the strings.xml file as they should (if I'm not mistaken, that is). I suspect this because I can't find why I keep getting them not translated in my localized version (0.34.1). I'm not speaking about text in pictures such as the 'Suppressed!' icon and the 'End Turn' button (though it would be nice if a solution could be found, better than asking translators to play with their preferred picture editor). It's about words that appear in message boxes. Each time when a transport reaches a spotted alien base, I get this message: "(Named transport) has reached Alien Base". ('Alien Base' is in English every thing else is in French). According to strings.xml, it should be a value in GCBeginConfirm label. I'm pretty sure it's not caused by a localized string that would be too long, because I translated all the 'Alien Base' (in strings.xml) as either 'Enclave ET', 'Base ET', or 'Forteresse ET', which are no longer than their English xce.balance version ('Alien Outpost', 'Alien Base', and 'Alien Fortress'). Moreover, Geoscape locations and targeting menus are correctly localized. Or could this be a problem with xce.balance which changed the value of AlienBase.Small/Medium/Large? (Next base, I set them all to 'Base ET', and see). I also keep having one 'HP' (Hit Point) display in some box, but I took less attention to the context. Again, all the occurrences in strings.xml have been translated by 'PV', and all base management and inventory UI are correctly localized. Do you think that the correct string is not passed on the display script? Despite my poor indications, I hope case 1 might help you tracking down case 2.
  4. Hello guys! I've finally achieved this french translation for Xenonauts! It took me 9 months of work but i'm glad to share it now. You can find both "strings", "xenopaedia" and "gcloading_tips" files fully translated with great care. PS: Chris, i strongly suggest you to include this patch into the vanilla game, because i have no doubt there's a consequent community of french players that would have already buy the game if it had been translated before! Pour la version 1.59: télécharger le dossier "Patch FR 1.59.zip" Installer le mod via le menu "moddingtools" du lanceur du jeu. Note: Jusqu'à la version 1.09 incluse, le mod ne fonctionne pas: il faut extraire les fichiers "strings", "xenopaedia" et "gcloading_tips" de l'archive puis les copier-coller dans le dossier "assets" du répertoire du jeu. (Garder une copie des fichiers originaux pour pouvoir éventuellement revenir à la version anglaise). Pour la version Community Edition: télécharger le dossier "Patch FR CE 0.34.zip" (car le mod de traduction FR inclus dans le modpack de la CE 0.34 n'est pas à jour). Installer le mod via le menu "moddingtools" du lanceur du jeu. NOTE: De façon générale, un mod de traduction doit se situer juste au dessus de la version originale du mod concerné dans la liste des mods. Pour la Community Edition, modifier les priorités en respectant l'ordre suivant: -X:CE Balance Adjustments (FR) -X:CE Settings (FR) -X:CE Base Mod (FR) -X:CE Balance Adjustments -X:CE Settings -X:CE Base Mod (placé tout en bas de la liste) Enfin, les traductions des mods "Aegis Armor", "Armoured Assault!", "Extended Weapon Descriptions for Fighters", "Fire in the Hole" et "Lore+" sont également incluses dans le patch FR CE 0.34. Bon jeu! PS: pour ceux qui téléchargent les fichiers en .php, (sous Chrome ou Explorer je crois) il faut les renommer en .zip pour que l'installateur puisse les reconnaître en tant que mods. Ou alors: clic droit puis "enregistrer la cible sous". MAJ du 29/09/2015: mise à jour de Lore+ avec traduction de la nouvelle entrée "Analyse d'un Andron". Inclusion de la mise à jour de Lore+ dans le patch FR CE 0.34. Mise à jour du fichier gcloading_tips pour le patch FR CE 0.34. MAJ du 05/10/2015: correction mineure sur le gcloading_tips du patch FR CE 0.34. Ajout de la traduction des recommandations dans le modinfo du xce dans le patch FR CE 0.34 MAJ du 09/05/2016: correction d'un problème d'affichage dû à un trop grand nombre de caractères. Suppression du patch FR CE 0.33. Patch FR 1.59.zip Patch FR CE 0.34.zip Lore+ (FR).zip Extended Weapon Descriptions for Fighters (FR).zip Armoured Assault! (FR).zip Fire in the Hole (FR).zip Aegis Armor (FR).zip
  5. Version 0.34 of the Community Edition adds support for automatically enabling translations, and the mod pack of 0.34RC3 already ships a French translation that will be automatically enabled for French-speaking players. It is possible for other translations to be included as well as follows: The translation must be sufficiently complete. A translation for the official 1.59 version is not acceptable, because X:CE adds a number of new strings. As X:CE is still developed, new releases add a small amount of new strings. The translation must be provided as a modular mod (or possibly as one translation mod per mod shipped with X:CE, including the X:CE mods themselves). If the translation is provided as a single mod, it should match the default X:CE mod setup (i.e. including xcesettings, xcebalance). Translations for mods that ship with X:CE enabled by default should be preferably included too. A translation mod should specify it language(s) in the modinfo.xml file using the Languages XML tag, which contains space-separated either ISO short country code or language culture name. If the Windows OS running Xenonauts is configured to use the given language, the mod will be automatically enabled on installation. For example: "fr" will enable the translation for any French speaking country, "pt-BR" will enable the translation for Brazilian Portuguese (but not other Portuguese). A translation mod should specify the mod it translates in the modinfo.xml file using the Translates XML tag, which contains the name of the mod it translates. If a mod translates more than one mod, the Translate tag may be repeated for each of them. The mod will be automatically enabled on installation if any of the mods is enabled (and if also the language should be enabled). Example of a modinfo.xml file: <?xml version="1.0"?><ModInfo><Name>Lore+ (DE)</Name><Version>1.0</Version><Author>the author</Author><Languages>de</Languages><Translates>Lore+</Translates><Description>This translation mod will be automatically enabled for German players if the Lore+ mod is enabled.</Description></ModInfo> If you are interested in having your translation included with X:CE, please post here, with the necessary information about the mod. For an example of a working translation, have a look at the FR translation mods shipped with 0.34.
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