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Found 6 results

  1. i'd like to edit the classic xcom music mod to play the xcom music alongside the xenonauts soundtrack rather than replace it. i've also tried adding more music in a mod of my own but it doesn't play in game. the format is ogg but if the bit and sample rates matter they are 1536 at 48000Hz sounds_gc.xml
  2. As per the title. It's meant to be a subtle way of pointing out that the poor xenonaut isn't in good shape, without being something obnoxious like a heavily red tinted screen.
  3. Been a while since i posted on here, Had other stuff going on, but tonight I started playing again, Its 1:30 am, so decided to turn the volume down pretty low, which worked for the most part until I had a terror mission, All i could say (And my flatmate in a totally different room) was What the hell, As the volume from gunshots in the hidden movement phase rang out so loud I'm surprised the neighbors weren't banging on the walls ... So, I turned the sounds off ... Completely ... Surprised again as the louder than hell gunshots rang out in hidden movement ... I saved and quit out ... Please fix this, I would like to play without being deafened lol
  4. I just tried the demo for the first time (haven't played any other builds) and I have a couple of suggestions for the sounds in the game. I'll keep adding sound suggestions as I find them. Perhaps this is something that's still very much in development, but I'll post them anyway: Base construction (facility completed): I was a bit surprised when I heard that harsh tone, only to see that my Living Quarters were completed. I think a lighter, more 'positive' sound would be more fitting to indicate progress. The harsher, more ominous sounds should be reserved for incoming threats and warnings. Footsteps: Too loud and too crunchy. Footsteps shouldn't be the forefront of the soundscape imo.
  5. Here is a real russian training combat 4 vs 4 footage: I couldn't find such videos in english without music or announcer. It is clear that 1000 phrases of 5 ex-fighter pilots would be too expencive but may be it would be possible to make smth like in sims game. That is just an idea. I don't believe it can be done actually. P.S.: stupid rts-like speach would spoil the game
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