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Found 8 results

  1. I was thinking of buying the game, I liked what I seen in the demo and would like to try the full version. But would like to know if it is worth it. I have a couple questions Are you able to research the alien technology and make similar weapons to what they have? e.g plasma weapons? What does the full version have that the demo doesn't? Is it better than the original XCOM? Sorry about any inconsistencies in my writing and the general crappy quality of it, I am in a rush and just wanted to get this thread out asap to have answers when I get back. I'll also probably have some more questions when I get back.
  2. Title is self-explanatory. I would assume that quick battle would drop you into a randomly generated combat scenario. However, it seems to lanch the game with out any differences. Am I missing something, or has that just not been coded into the demo just yet?
  3. Good news - the demo looks great. Bad news is it locks on me before I finish one turn. Does this run on Win7 64 bit? I'm running a very fast PC with lots of memory and a Radeon HD 6970 with the latest (todays) driver. After I move about half my squad I get noise through my speakers and the game locks. Then I have to do a hard boot. All suggestions welcome. PS: Game really does look great. I love the artwork and design. I absolutely think this could co-exist very nicely in the market with the new Firaxis game.
  4. Hi, Just found this game and from the screenshots it looks great, can't comment on anything else because I can't play it. Downloaded the demo version put up on kickstarter to give it a try. Unpacked it and ran the main program and no matter which option I go for (full demo or quick battle) all I see after starting the main game is a black Geoscape with a sign saying select your base, after I click okay on the dialogue box I see "geoscape loading" and nothing else. I've tried changing the game resolution to lower settings and that didn't help. My DX is up to date same as my graphics drivers. Running Windows XP SP3 with DX9, ATI 4500 GFX, AMD 3500+ cpu, 2GB ram, plenty of drive space. Any ideas how I can get this game working so I can try it out? Currently playing UFO:AI which is the closest I've found so far to the original UFO games, although it's a little less polished (judging from screen shots of this game) it's stable enough in it's latest build (2.4) to be playable for hours. The downsides to it is not being able to save mid-mission and also save games being incompatible with each release forcing you to start over again. Plus how finicky the countries can be quite early on in the game which removes their funding and can also lead to a failed mission scenario quite quickly. Also having to store UFO's, research different parts, then dismantling them to get UFO tech to research and use on your own built vehicles (too much research for one thing and can be super slow).
  5. As I can see there are only 5 people sharing the Torrent out of 1316 backers... --O--
  6. Hello everyone, I was wondering if the graphical options are fully customizable, especially the resolution. Will there be a way to use every resolution available or adapt it to my screen? I have a 1366x768 screen on my laptop, I do not want to play this game with annoying bars. Also will there be a demo near release? Thanks everyone!
  7. I'm late to this party obviously. Just got into playing the demo a couple days ago. I'm loving the game, but I'm wondering if I've maybe hit the limit of the demo version at this point in time. I've started clashing with the corvette medium class ships. But when I show up to explore the crash site, there's nothing there, and the encounter ends after the first turn with no loot. I also can't seem to unlock any more research items. I have the wolf armor, lazer weaponry, and alenium missles. I've seen some references to vehicle/aircraft based laser weaponry, but no research options. Have I pretty much seen and done it all at this point? Thanks in advance!
  8. I'm sorry and I KNOW I've seen this somewhere in another thread but I just can't find it! For the "Quick Battle" Terror Mission, which I think many people will try out during beta for the fast way into the action, would it be possible to code in that a couple of the soldiers have laser weapons? Say just 2 guys with laser rifles? That way those new to the game can try it out, the press can try them out, etc. I mean if you really wanted to (and I don't know how feasible this is) but you could code that the equipment loadout screen appears with all the options from the beta unlocked for testing. Not sure if that's a good idea or not though
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