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Found 7 results

  1. so i guess i will start this off by saying i am playing 19 stable on easy and don't use vehicles so some of the stuff i say may have changed or not be true for other settings ( i did read most of the old balance posts but that stuff drags on),if so feel free to ignore the hell out of me. also i am save scumming like a scaredy cat, some of this is for when the game hangs( its beta not a complaint ) but most of it is just me cheating. i like how the AI kinda seems to save scum with you which is kinda cool IE they attack threw doors they did not the turn before so the game has this massive flip for me based on if i have wolf armor or not. some weapons look like they should still be effective seeing how aliens bring so many but they not. main culprit here the plasma cannon* a 5x5 or so area explosion blows up cover like no tomorrow, but i have guys sitting there no joke taking 30 shots to the face from this thing with little to no damage or suppression ( a funny side story had a andron kill him self from me being in close range when it shot my guy doing no damage to my unit while killing itself). pistols and the first type of rifle the stuff that still shows up on scouts still have a chance to do some damage even if it takes a few shots this comparison just feels very off. all this may be because i am playing on easy settings which is fine but an internal logic would be nice. then there is the heavy plasma* the autofire sniper shotgun this thing has killed more guys then the rest of the plasma arsenal combined, that and my favorite of when i forget to make the guy up front kneel so i auto fire into the back of his head. not sure what to say about them other then holy crap its scary if you make cannons lethal at all then this thing might need to get toned down. if i see one all 8 guys turn and try to kill him a 4% chance to drop them is always better then a 95 chance to hit an alien with something else(other then reapers) ok so that is a bit exaggerated there not so bad if there sitting on the edge or just over line of sight but any closer and holy crap. this one is a bit more of a open question are the disk things broken AI wise, as they don't seem to every really shoot at any thing other then civilians(this mostly applies two big types i never saw many of the small ones really) and i just so far view them as great ways to blow up cover so my snipers have a clear shots. chances are its not be said as often as it needs to be great game so far i am loving the hell out of it almost as much as it makes me rage a good sign i think when coming from the original *i may be mistaken on the name of the weapons in question i tried say how shot to better define them the heavy plasma i am talking about shoots little needle like things with a 3 way spread like the shotgun and the plasma cannon is just one big blob.
  2. Hey there, new xeno player over here. I did enjoy the game so far, and the fluff text on the research was pretty nice so far. Except for Alien Plasma Technology... Now from the perspective of a physics engineer: 1) Picture says the front part is an 'Antimatter Emitter', while the text talks about Graviton Emitter 2) Graviton? Gravitational force is a lot weaker than electric or magnetic force. One might argue the Graviton is not yet discovered, therefore, focusing a lot of Gravitons at the Graviton Emitter might produce enough force to cancel out the electric repulsion. The problem tho is, gravitation is not only a lot, but A FRICKING BLOODY HELL OF A LOT weaker than electromagnetic force! Its actually around 10^39 times weaker - thats 40 zeros more in front of the actual number of newtons, compared to the electric repulsion the plasma would produce... This is not something to be overcome by being smart. I suggest something else 3) Lastly, in the last paragraph of the description, its an anti-gravity emitter all of a sudden. I guess thats a simple error due to the anti-matter <-> graviton hiccup as for 2) I liked the idea of the Helix compressing the gas (Stellarator Fusion reactors do excactly this - love you guys for it ) The big problem is with the gas outside the barrel ofc. How about this: The Graviton emitter is actually a Gluon emitter. (Gluons are the stuff holding together Neutrons and Protons in our atomic nuclei) The SMALL amount of ionized HYDROGEN gas (basically Protons) gets bombarded by a VERY small number of Gluons. The Gluons bind some of the Protons to a very instable solid projectile. As soon as the projectile hits something more solid than air or a dense gas, the gluons power is not enouzgh anymore to overcome the electric repulsion, resulting in a 'nano nukelear explosion', emitting a lot of heat and some minor gamma-ray radioactivity (not enough to be any danger unless you get hit by many of those.. which would be lethal anyway) The beauty: Noone can argue with this, as noone knows if its possible Also, the plasma 'projectile' still would have all the neccessary features to be identical with the current plasma: - The further away, the less likely the plasma will arrive its target, as it loses particles on its way, due to the unstable nature of the Proton-Proton nucleus - Emits light and heat while traveling, due to the broken Proton-Proton nuclei ionizing the air around them - its HOT.. a very very small nuke, as mentioned (i called nano nuke cause very few particles would be involved) I dont want to be an a*s, but the explanation really bugged me
  3. Just a thing one might research to make the alien plasma pistol more accurate early on. Would make it heavier, more accurate, give it lengthier reloads and take up as much space as a primary.
  4. Okay, so it's not exactly combat-ready, but it's still neat nonetheless. http://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/energy/nuclear/plasma-ring-experiment-offers-new-path-for-fusion-power
  5. If someone has researched Plasma Weaponry (the ones that gives you plasma guns), can you check if you can access it through the Xenopedia? I'm trying to figure out what unlocking Knowledge does, and Plasma Weaponry doesn't do that.
  6. Yo. What it is that I needs to research dems plasma explosives? I needs 'em for dealing with things that don't suck.
  7. Now that aliens have discovered the burst selector switch on their rifles, the sound of a single shot being repeated three times on the plasma rifle sounds disjointed and iffy. Any chance we can have a specific sound when plasma rifles autofire?
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