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Found 9 results

  1. So I'm planning to fill the remaining empty slots for extra tilesets in X:CE. There's currently 5 unused slots for landing/crash sites and 4 for terror missions. I've put up two polls with some suggestions that won't be too hard to create by mixing edited existing tilesets with some new stuff. Please only select your top 5/top 4 and if you have any other suggestions that won't be too hard to implement then feel free to share them.
  2. Hey dudes, i'm interested in creating some new desert and farm maps, as i find they come up often and would like more variety. However, one weird thing i'm having is that no corner pieces for chain-link fences, hedges, etc. appear, and also it seems like some items when placed have their actual place on the level viewer off by a significant amount of squares. Is my version bugged or is this how it's meant to work? many items also seem to have no texture, despite being listed (a few chain-link fences, for example)
  3. Hey guys. Just wanted to pop in a say just started playing with the editors. Looking over some of the work you have already done and it is amazing. almost enough to keep me from even trying to throw down with you folks lol. Anyways Have a few questions if someone could take few minutes for me. First I am starting my attempts with a small scout farm map. Couple things that are jumping out at me already are.. Lack of buildings, is it possible to use town buildings on the farm map and if so how? Also in the process of getting things looking right I am overlapping tiles like the roads and the farm grass 10x10. Is that going to cause problems moving forward?
  4. I'm just wondering if you have any plans in the pipeline towards integrating the steam workshop into your great game (or vice versa, I don't really know the process of doing so^^), so it would be really comfortable for everyone to keep track of new mods and maps (and as a nice side effect to keep them actualized with zero effort) and for everyone to be able to upload Maps and Mods? Just my 2 cents.
  5. Hey all So i'm wondering if there's a tutorial or something anywhere on using the modding tools, I did a quick search on the forums but couldn't find anything. I would love to start making maps, and I'm pretty sure other novices would love it too, then you would have even more maps to throw into the final version! I have had a fiddle about with it, but as soon as i click the "open level viewer" it appears to lock up and do nothing, so can only assume i'm doing something wrong If i'm missing the obvious, i do apologize
  6. Since the game is still in full development, I'm wondering if there are going to be changes made in the future that might render currently created submaps/levels useless? I was actually holding out on pre-ordering so that I could make use of the funding thermometer, but the level editor seems too much fun to keep it waiting!
  7. I think I'm far enough along with my map to make a thread for it. I can't guarantee I won't run into issues (editor-wise or real-life) and drop it at some point, but there's enough here that I have something to show off at least. Map premise: A mega-corporation has been taken over by the aliens. The players land their chinook in the front parking lot and must fight, or blow up, their way through the various offices and rooms until they reach the alien ship that has landed/crashed in the back of the complex. Album of Images: http://imgur.com/a/3L6LC#2 Now, my first order of business is actually to ask for a little help. I've created a small enclosed garden for my office complex, but the specters for the hedges I'm using are a bit weird. Primarily, the HedgeNWCorner for some reason want to appear in FRONT of every other hedge. I was able to fix it in the editor through some trickery with Layers, but this caused some issues in-game: http://i.imgur.com/KBdym.jpg I monkeyed around in the Specter for it, but didn't fix it, and I'm not entirely sure what half the variables do. It's probably a really easy fix, I'm just not sure what to change. [bONUS] Since I went through the trouble of getting that picture together, let's play a game of Spot The Xenonauts! First person to post the exact number of Xenonauts in that picture gets... well, I'm not quite sure what they get. I'll think of something. Maybe a small personalized corner of the map if this project gets anywhere. The vehicle does not count. [/bONUS]
  8. I'm not sure how useful this will be but seeing as many people seem to be of a mind to hold off map making till things are a little further along I thought it might be nice to bat around a few ideas, as specific or general as you'd like. My first thoughts would be things like recreating real locations or scenes from movies. Being able to play on your street, or an industrial area near where you live would be pretty fun I think.
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