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Found 13 results

  1. I installed the mods via workshop but they don't come up on my mac version of the game. Why is this? Is steam workshop not supported xenonaut users using wine?
  2. I install the mods via workshop but they don't come up on my mac version of the game. Is it simply not supposed to work if one uses wine to play the game?
  3. When I log into steam on my mac, Xenonauts shows up and allows me to 'download' it, even though there are no files downloaded. When can we see the game uploaded to steam for mac?
  4. Well, damn it, my windows box is sick for the time being and was wanting to play some Xenonauts on my macbook but was not working. Didn't even bother to check that it was windows only on steam since I already had it on my mac since before it was on steam. Weird thing is it is in the Mac library. If I wanted to download the latest and greatest on the mac box how do you do it?
  5. Hi, I have bought the game, as I think I love the concept and thought it would be work 20 bucks to play it. This was months ago and bought it on steam only to find out that steam doesnt have a MAC versions! Ok so I waited....and waited....so then I heard that there was a mac version on Desura. Bought that, still.....cant get a mac version so now I have bought the game twice and still no game to play. Can anyone help me out here as I feel that me buying the game 2 Xs should give me something to show for it.
  6. We need testers for the Mac version. These builds will be less stable then the regular alpha builds, due to less testing so far. I would be most interested in OSX 10.5 (leopard) and 10.6 (snow leopard) users since I currently have only tested on 10.7 (Lion). Let me know what model mac you have, OS version and what gen (ie mid-2011 imac with i5 proc running 10.7) You need to be willing to get your hands dirty with terminal and chat with developers on any mac specific issues you find. Edit: We have enough testers to last until V13 is released, thanks.
  7. Just wondering if we already have a copy of Xenonauts for windows when the game comes out for the mac can we download it to our macs as well? You need guy's to test it on macs as well, right? And will it run on intel graphics? I only assume so. It would be nice to put Xenonauts on the macbook pro which happens to be my work computer and what I use to get on the web with. What would be nice it to be able to play the game while being in the same room with the wife and other "adults" without having to listen to them piss and moan about how I'm always downstairs playing a game. The windows box isn't portable by a longshot. It would make my life infinitely less stressful. That and not have to pay any attention to the Lifetime Movie Network.
  8. Hey, I am a backer who bought the game specifically to play it on my Mac. I haven't ran a Windows system in just over a year now and wouldn't look back if you paid me. I'm just wondering who else out there that backed this game is interested in playing, or better yet TESTING the game in it's beta on their Mac machines. I think it would be great if we actually got some solid testing done so that the game will come out stable on the Mac just as much as it should be on Windows. Also how close or hopeful can are we in possibly getting a port to try and test of the game?
  9. Let Goldhawk know which version of Mac OSX you are using. Interested to see if anyone still uses Tiger or PPC.
  10. First of all let me say that I'm really excited to finally see a true X-Com game in the works. I grew up on X-Com and other PC games from the late 90s and early 2000s. But sadly I've joined the dark side (the apple computer side). I'm hoping that somewhere down the line an OSX version can be released. Are there any rumors or plans amongst the developers to push for a native OSX version? Thanks
  11. can i somehow make this game work on a mac?
  12. Will the game be playable in OSX? Failing this, would it be possible to make some effort to see that it runs well in VMWare Fusion? I know Boot Camp is an option for Mac users, but you can't beat native OSX support! =)
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