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Found 7 results

  1. Please add the ability to change troop class in the barracks menu as you can assign them to Charlie. It's pretty annoying that after filtering out soldiers I need to go to troop equipment find the soldier I want, make him what I want, then go back to barracks and find another one.
  2. I would love the option to safe load outs for soldier roles across different games. I mean that in the sense that if you start up a new game and pick the heavy weapons class and change the default loadout of the heavy weapons class that there is some way to export/import that into a new game(not the equipment, but the loadout selections). This is a kinda minor detail but playing ironman on 20.7 made it rather noteable that it is extremely frustrating to lose your fighters in the first interception, start up a new game, and have to redo 5 min of equipment selection.(The other option here is simply making the default loadouts less terrible, but then I assume things would degrade into 'what is a good loadout' debates) Still obviously not a major thing but just something to bring up.
  3. In my current, first playthrough (I'm at middle of Oct 79), I tried taking Hunter AC on my missions, relying on it especially when I had to advance through open terrain to provide cover. But despite its 150 HP, it seemed to me as really fragile. Couple of hits took it out. ATM I'm leaving ACs in the garage, trading it for two extra troopers. So my current mission composition is 1 LMG, 1 sniper, 1 assault trooper, 1 dedicated medic and 4 riflemen. I have couple extra men at base to supple for wounded and occasionally 2 rookies in training. LMG for pinning down enemy in open areas, preferably killing him in the process. If sniper can take advantageous high ground, he will, but rarely have I come across map and circumstances where that was possible and doable in time, before I eliminated the enemy some other way. Otherwise he acts as regular rifleman, sweeping area, providing fire-cover and just shooting at whatever moves. Assault-guy with a shotgun comes to play when I'm entering buildings and UFOs and can expect encounter at minimal range. What I considered deeply and eventually found very useful was a dedicated medic. She wields a medkit in one hand (pistol in the other) and can thus easily make it to the wounded soldier and stop his bleeding in a single turn, and heal him back to current max HP in a sec. This is a real time-saver, comparing if I had a regular soldier with medkit in his backpack, so he has to switch it with his rifle first. And she has additional medkit in her backpack. I'm wondering if you can give me any tips, or what combo are you guys using...
  4. This is probably me being an idiot, but I had never used the rocket launcher until 12.1, when I decided to try out the new AP hypervelocity rocket. (Incidently, damn. Just..... damn). I have been unable to find out a way to preload my rocket launcher with AP rockets at base, which means I have to do that during the mission which is annoying. If this functionality isn't present and isn't planned, could the developers please allow weapons which can be loaded with a variety of ammo types to be preloaded with any of those ammo types at base, please, and to remember the ammo type between missions. The first way I tried, which I suspect will be the most common way was I dragged an AP missile over to the rocket launcher, only to watch it swap places with the rocket!
  5. I don't understand why I can't pick a new set of missiles while I wait for my plane to repair or refuel, heck why not let me pick new missiles to load while the plane is out for the next time they land? At the moment having to wait just puts a annoying block in my game flow.
  6. Will I be able to create equipment templates for soldiers in the finalized UI? And, if so, will it be customizable to take into account that soldiers maximum weight allowance and/or tech available (eg a "sniper" template adds precision laser + battery when available, Sniper + Clip otherwise)? As it stands, decking out a full squad is something of a repetitive clickfest and could be improved upon.
  7. I started playing the Kickstarter build the other day and while good I had a hard time remembering which soldier was equipped with which weapon. Something that I think could greatly improve your ability to asses what you have left to do on your turn is to have a customizable icon for each soldier next to their Number where they're listed at the top of the UI element at the bottom of the screen during ground combat. If there were say a dozen or so Icons that indicated a Sniper with a Crosshair, Anti-Tank with a little rocket that you could set on the Soldier screen then at a glance you could see that your sniper and one of your rifleman has moved, but your shotgunners and anti-tank still have AP left. This would be further improved if you could choose the color of those Icons, red for Entry Teams, Green for overwatch, or whatever you wanted the colors to mean. I think this would make it much easier to manage your squads in combat. This is also a problem in the Dropship screen, Icons would help to put the guys you want at the front where you want them without having to refer back to the Soldier screen to see who has what. PS: What about turning a portion of the little Green AP bar next to the Soldier's number yellow when you've set it to be saved for reaction fire?
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