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Found 8 results

  1. I've already posted it in the ground combat UI thread, but then I've decided to make a new thread as it's a specific issue. Please tell me if you agree. To sum up, this is a surprisingly major issue for me. Sure, it's rare and technically can be avoided, but... it happens anyway! And is stupid.
  2. These were removed a long time ago due to coding issues with fire (if I remember right.) Can we have them back now? And could we possibly have some incendiary grenades too? There are too few area denial weapons in the game and we don't have proximity grenades like the OG.
  3. What sets the building on fire? E.g. I throw a smoke grenade near a building, it explodes. on my next turn, the building suddenly catches fire burning three of my men outside the building... Is this normal??
  4. So...there was some spacesuit looking monstrosity I hadn't seen before. After the rocket to the face, I enjoyed his burning corpse, thus:
  5. So...I'm on a map with a lot of grass. Lots of flammable grass. Between my rocket and a few plasma weapons by the aliens, half the map is on fire now. Courtesy of some monstrosity getting a rocket to the face Not sure what caused this one This came from a plasma cannon My suggestions: 1. I think the burnout chance probably needs to be increased 2. The spread chance needs to be decreased 3. The amount of smoke should be increased slightly so it rings the fire tiles.
  6. Hi everybody, my first post here. Before I ask my question/post suggestion let me just say that I absolutely love this game. I played the original X-COM(s) and I think this game is true X-COM*2! I love how it closely follows the original and I love the extra touches like soldiers being able to jump over fences, vehicles that can run down street lamps, melee attacks, etc. Really good job. Now to my question. In original x-com (TFTD) I had a very specific tactic for the mission when aliens attack an island. There was a big wooden building in the middle of the map. Usually with few aliens hiding inside. My tactic was to equip few soldiers with cannons with incendiary rounds. I used them to shoot inside the building through windows. After few salvoes the ground floor was on fire. What was really cool was that the fire could spread around. Every turn the fire was spreading and in few turns the whole building was on fire burning every alien inside. It took some time of course but it was fun to watch them run around in panic before dying. Sometimes a panicked alien would run outside thorough the door but those to do so ended up with a gun pointed in their face. It might sound cruel but I'm sure many agrees that there is no room for pity when fighting aliens! So, my question is - is it possible to do something similar in this game? If not this is something that would be really cool and could introduce some new tactics to the game.
  7. There has been quite the argument on building the perfect flamethrower... or at least any believeable one. This. very this. you could also increase the damage in the center of the stream slightly to replicate the extra fuel burning there. Yeah, that would be the difference between real life and the gaming niche. honestly, I think that 6-8 squares is probably enough range for it to be useful, but that will have to wait until we get to playtest to see if it feels right or not. after all, if the enemies see you at 13 squares (like in XCOM) then you would be hard pressed to use the weapon effectively. it would own the hallways on anything larger than a medium scout though. unrelated, but I have no issues with fire being able to curve around a corner; since we're not going to model the sheer amount of heat as a chance to harm the enemies, it's a useful trick to get enemies that we couldn't otherwise hit. after all, we would have to know that the enemies are there first, right? using it to burn around a corner is still the same niche: nailing an enemy that is behind cover. it's just a little harder cover than usual is all.
  8. I'm not suggesting we turn Xenonauts into Far Cry 2, the fire simulator, but it seems reasonable that a burning car wouldn't simply extinguish after a couple turns. They tend to become fully involved, with lots of black smoke. As would a burning building from rockets--the potential for having that spread to endanger civilians/troops/aliens/nearby terrain would really add something to immersion and tactics. Dry grass would tend to spread fire with minimal smoke, and something like a laser or plasma miss ought to have a chance of starting a one-tile fire as well due to massive heat transfer.
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