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    Xenopedia text is very small.

    I agree, same problem here with V20u3. I hope the text will be bigger before its released for public.... its the smallest text I've ever had to put up with for a game!
  2. flipcooke

    Steam icon?

    Had the same problem here too. Thanks for the fix solution - I presume this icon issue will be fixed before the public release?
  3. I have the same problem, on starting the game, going to soldier's screen, change role of the soldier, it then completely freezes. My resolution is 1368 x 768. Then I get an error message as follows: run time error Visual C++ r6025 - pure virtual function call
  4. It's a 22 inch digital screen. I agree it is readable. I have excellent eyesight too. But if one person would like to play the game regularly, would end up with a headache and eye strains. I play all my PC games about 1.5 metres away due to the layout of the room, and I admit Xenonaut is the only game where I have to sit close to the screen to play the game, so my situation does not help either. I'm pretty certain that when the game is released to the public, the game would face criticism by many (especially those who have little understanding of computers) for poor text size. Especially those who treats PC games like a console who sit some distance from the screen. What would be the best resolution/screen size to view Xenonauts to read the text comfortably?
  5. I was hoping that the size of text would be addressed in the new UI, but sadly not! There should be an option to toggle text size! I do not really want to use binoculars to play Xenonauts.... My screen resolution is 1360 x 768
  6. See the link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rouz3seuhvtp6ls/2013-10-10_18.37.19.sav for save file. Crashes every time I select missle option when in air combat.
  7. Will do tonight, but I thought this would be easily replicated no matter what, as I have started the game three times now to have the same problem? Guessing I must be the only one of few to experience this!
  8. So I find myself being attacked by aliens. I have a scout vehicle deployed at my base. I move this vehicle to another part of the subtile. In doing so, it ploughs down the bunkers..... with no animation or smoke. Either it's a bug, or lack of animation/effect makes it look daft. And AI could be better programmed to avoid bunkers if possible rather than just destroy the allies' vital cover?
  9. Ok, new game. A bit more random, but had two out of four appearing at Sweden again. I may as well put my base next to Sweden if I could(!)
  10. Correction - also crashed the game regardless of number of aircraft. it's when selecting/deselecting a missile causes it to crash the whole game instantly to Windows screen.
  11. flipcooke

    Smoke grenade sets house on fire?

    Fair point. This fire caused by the smoke grenade causes the game to run jerky/laggy. Even rebooting the game and reloading it I still have the same problem. Surely this part is a bug if someone else used my game save to replicate what I experience, even though smoke grenade is allowed to cause fires? Should this part regarding laggy/jerky effects after smoke grenade/fire be reported in the bug section thread?
  12. flipcooke

    Smoke grenade sets house on fire?

    This is the mod I used, community map pack http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/5156-Community-Map-Pack
  13. flipcooke

    Smoke grenade sets house on fire?

    Ah. My bad. I'm new at this Xenonauts! even tho Ive been an avid fan of the original Xcom TFTD! V19 Stable Hotfix 2/9/13 using Steam, signed in as Beta experimental branch. The only mod I used was community maps that is on this forum somewhere, which seems to be the norm for adding new maps?
  14. flipcooke

    Smoke grenade sets house on fire?

    First link is a save file that shows the problem/burning house with laggy issues https://www.dropbox.com/s/n4rue70ekzp6q1w/burning%20house%20laggy.zip Second link is a save file before the above, where u can recreate the issue above by sending a man out of ship to throw a smoke grenade at the nearest building, select end turn, and the house goes on fire in the next turn. I used flares first before the smoke grenades https://www.dropbox.com/s/xtlvcha4j930ajy/before%20bug%20%2C%20throw%20smoke%20grenade%20at%20nearest%20building%20to%20cause%20lag%20and%20problem.zip Let me know if you need anything else.
  15. flipcooke

    Smoke grenade sets house on fire?

    yes i have a save file, how shall i upload it?